Certified Joelle Choueiry

Joelle is an active and fun-loving mom to Roselle and Joe. After experiencing sleep deprivation, she unintentionally introduced various sleep crutches (who can resist cuddling their cuties until they fall asleep?!) so she could get some rest. After learning what her babies needed for safe sleep, she taught them independent sleep and their whole family is well rested.

Joelle holds an Honours in Biology and Minor in Psychology and then pursued a degree in Neuroscience (Ph.D. candidate) with a curiosity to further disentangle the brain’s complexities. After over a decade of studying neurodevelopmental and substance use disorders at the University of Ottawa and The Royal’s Institute of Mental Health Research, she is passionate about mental health research and advocacy. Joelle loves being active and spending time outdoors. She enjoys running, yoga, dragon boating and weight training. She is dedicated to continuously learning how to optimize sleep and nutrition for her family.

Joelle is a compassionate and detail-oriented sleep consultant that thrives on helping families create and implement the routines necessary to achieve the restful nights they need. She appreciates that every child and every family is unique; therefore, Joelle uses a personalized approach while guiding, educating, and empowering parents.