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Terms & Conditions


Due to the time, effort, and commitment provided within a consultation, once you have received your consultation and/or sleep plan, refunds will not be issued for any reason, including but not limited to dissatisfaction with the plan, lack of support from your partner, or change of mind.


Programs expire 3 months after the date of purchase, regardless of completion of the WeeSleep® plan. If after 3 months the client requests (and the Consultant agrees) to resume and/or complete the service, a Refresh Me package will need to be purchased by the client; this will allow the Consultant to update the child’s information and create a new WeeSleep® plan to reflect the child’s current age.

This policy does not apply to Gift Card purchases.


At WeeSleep®, we are committed to helping your little one achieve healthy sleep habits, ensuring both their well-being and your peace of mind. With our Rescue Me Package, we offer a guarantee that your little one will develop the ability to fall asleep independently at bedtime and self-soothe back to sleep after their needs are met, ultimately achieving 10-12 hours of overnight sleep within a span of 10 days. To ensure the success of this guarantee, we outline the following terms:

Eligibility: This guarantee applies exclusively to the Rescue Me Package offered by WeeSleep®.

Program Compliance: In order to qualify for the guarantee, parents must diligently follow the personal, customized sleep program outlined by the WeeSleep® Certified Dream Team Member assigned to their family. This includes implementing recommended strategies and techniques consistently. 

Guidance Adherence: Parents are required to follow the sleep plan provided by the WeeSleep® Certified Dream Team Member throughout the duration of the program. This includes adhering to scheduled consultations, providing relevant updates on progress via the online Portal, and consistently implementing adjustments as advised.

Team Member Assignment: Every effort will be made for the initially assigned WeeSleep® Certified Dream Team Member to achieve success. In the event that they are unable to meet the desired outcomes, WeeSleep® reserves the right to assign another qualified team member to continue working with the family. This ensures that parents receive the necessary support and guidance to achieve their sleep goals.

Disclaimer: While we strive to ensure successful outcomes for every family, individual results may vary based on factors such as the child’s temperament, age, and pre-existing sleep habits. We cannot guarantee that every child will respond identically to the sleep training methods employed. However, we pledge to provide ongoing support and guidance to help you achieve the best possible outcomes for your family’s sleep needs. The WeeSleep® guarantee becomes void in cases where program instructions are not followed or if external factors beyond our control interfere with the sleep training process, including but not limited to: illness, teething, inconsistent implementation of the sleep plan by caregivers, visitors, traveling, or normal changes in development.