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A great option for parents who need more support and personalized coaching. The Lead Me (1/2 night) package gives you with in-person, step-by-step guidance when implementing your child’s sleep plan. For the first part of the night, your certified consultant will walk you through getting your child to sleep and how to deal with night wake-ups.

What's included

  • Sleep issue assessment and analysis during intake
  • 6-hr- In-Person or virtual real time guidance, consultation, and coaching
  • Custom sleep plan
  • Full room “safe sleep” assessment
  • Your first week will include three, 15-minute phone calls
  • Your second week will include email support (one per day), ensuring everything remains on track
  • The WeeSleep Tips Handbook – If you need guidance down the road, this detailed guide can help you navigate how to manage your child’s sleep while traveling, transitioning to a new nap schedule, and planning for daylight savings


  • Not only will your baby sleep through the night and nap, but you’ll have laid a strong foundation for them to get the healthy sleep they need for years to come.
  • You will learn how to make naps stronger, longer and more consistent.
  • You will create a solid, safe sleep space that is conducive to healthy sleep (and we will teach you how to take sleep on the go!)
  • You will understand proper scheduling and nap and bedtime routines that work!
  • You will teach your child how to learn healthy, independent sleep skills in a comforting and supportive way with our guidance throughout

Next Steps


  • After you purchase your package, we will have you provide us detailed information and intake forms that allow us to understand and assess your little one’s sleep habits and challenges.


  • Your consultant will arrive at your home (or virtually and live) prior to bedtime to assess the sleep space, review your intake forms, guide you through the bedtime routine, discuss initial strategies for bedtime
  • She will guide you through implementing your child’s new bedtime routine and stay in your home for 6- hours. She’ll be there to coach you in getting your baby to sleep and through any night wakes.
  • After your child is asleep a 1.5-hour consultation will be provided, and your sleep plan will be reviewed, and all questions will be answered
  •  In addition, you will discuss how to successfully integrate feedings and how to set up your child’s sleep space. Your Consultant is an invaluable resource and can answer any sleep-related questions you may have.


  • Before your consultant leaves, you will receive your customized sleep plan. You will be prepared and feel comfortable implementing.


  • After your consultant leave, you will be educated and prepared to continue developing your child’s healthy sleep habits
  • During the 14-days you are working with your Consultant, you’ll use the WeeSleep web portal to share details on what is happening daily and how things are going
  • She’ll review the information daily and contact you, when necessary, with recommendations, solutions, and answers to your questions
  • 1-1 support from your WeeSleep consultant to keep you informed, consistent, accountable, and on track.