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Five Organizations Doing Magic For Minority Communities

The recent protests and corresponding revolution were both inspiring and painful to watch. Many persons were propelled to action, to support Black and minority communities, but were clueless about where to start. We’re here to help! Here are five organizations that are doing pure magic in the Black community.

1. PLOT for Youth

Preparing Leaders of Tomorrow (PLOT) is a mentoring program for at-risk youth between the ages nine and twenty-one living in Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 2013, this non-profit serves youth who are at risk of becoming involved in the juvenile or criminal justice system. PLOT chooses mentors from the community with similar life experiences to PLOT mentees. Mentors dedicate four to six hours a month to spend time with mentees and must commit to one year of mentoring. Feel free to support PLOT here.

2. Avenue for Justice

AVJ is a non-profit founded in 1979 to help young persons by providing an option to prison sentencing, giving them a second chance. The fundamentals of AVJ are court advocacy, providing youth workers in the communities they serve, after school centers and programs and motivated clients. Every participant must take responsibility for their actions. Send AVJ some support here.

3. PowHerful Foundation

PowHerful Foundation provides financial assistance, mentorship and wraparound support for girls from low income backgrounds. They provide young women with a bridge between obstacles and opportunity, giving them experiences, education and resources needed to overcome unexpected barriers to success. PowHerful Foundation would love your support.

4. Black Girls Code

Black Girls Code aims to increase the number of women of color in the digital space, by empowering girls of color ages seven to seventeen to become innovators in STEM. Their aim is to train one million girls by 2040. Throw some support behind them here.

5. Wonderland Child and Family Services

Wonderland Child and Family Services is a nonprofit agency serving children delays, disabilities and prenatal substance exposure. They are dedicated to helping children meet healthy developmental milestones. They help hundreds of families every month through Early Childhood Programs & Services and Hope RISING Clinic for Prenatal Substance Exposure. Please help as much as you can here.

Deciding to make a difference in someone else’s life is always a good thing. Knowing where you can help and which organizations are making an impact, makes the effort seamless. Go forth and do good!