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WeeSleep’s approach on both the child and the family has been the key to our success in helping thousands of children around the world sleep through the night.

By taking the time to understand your child and your family's specific needs we are able to create a personalized, customized program just for you that will result in your child sleeping through the night.

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WeeSleep was so great about taking through and educating us on all the details that would work best for our family and child. They really got to know our daughter and our schedule. We were educated and supported and never felt like we were doing this alone. Our consultant was holding us accountable which I think was the biggest difference for us because it took the guess work out of things.

Within 3 nights our daughter was sleeping through the night, 12 hours a night and to this day is still the best sleeper! We are now using WeeSleep again to help our new son become a great sleeper. We cannot recommend WeeSleep enough. They are amazing, their team is amazing and they are so helpful and we love working with them!

Carey & Angelina Price

Stephanie you are the besssssttt! This has been such a good thing, start to finish. I’m especially grateful for your support through it all. Thank you thank you thank you. “N” thanks you too. If you ever find yourself in NYC please let me know! – @janicealida 


Okay I never thought I would be writing this! Diana’s Wee Sleep method really works. She helped us train our 11 month old and I cannot believe he sleeps on his own now and through the night. We co slept since he was born, I always wanted to sleep train but I was so scared and kept putting it off but with her reassurance and confidence my husband and I decided to take the leap and it was the best decision. Sleep is priceless so id 100% recommend her to anyone looking to get better sleep. – @twosaparty