Zoom Vroom!

I have great love for many things in life….clearly top of the list are my sweet sweet baby boy, my handsome and ever so talented photographer hubby, my family, friends, wine gums, lake swims, anything Apple, Malbec…the llist goes on and on.  But I must also share 2 more loves….I am not sure I can hold back as I feel they are THAT special having a wee one in the house!


Today our brand new Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller showed up via the super fabulous Canada Post lady (who has child sleep issues and was wearing a fabulous monkey hat!)…anyway, back to the stroller.  Listen up ladies and new moms…..2012 Baby Jogger City Mini- ultra cool green, black and grey…one strap grab and fold, huge sun canopy, amazing amounts of storage, amazing turning ability (we whipped around our main floor which has lots of curves and turns), super comfy and non-bulky seat.  So many things to go on about.  We had another super deluxe stroller but it just didn’t prove to be functional (mental note: DO NOT BUY $600 STROLLER BEFORE BABY IS BORN). I am on the go…I am impatient.. and I want to grab go and slip into my trunk without a struggle.  This 2012 City Mini does it all and it looks fabulous,  I had been calling Snugglebugz weekly to make sure I snapped one up right away! (thanks for being patient with me ladies!). If I had a girl, I would have been all over the fabulous purple.  Apparently it is a HOT colour so make sure you grab one before they are sold out!  Look out mall Mommy’s – I am going to be out showing off my new wheels and tracking all of you tired moms down 😉


Now…another great love…..Oh…I think I am going to have to get back to you.  My little guy has discovered how to get into the toilet water!  ICK!  Must make a trip to Snugglebugz pronto for some toilet locks!  Wish I would have ordered them to come to my door with the stroller!  I am such an online shopper!  Looking for something – anything – email me…I will tell you where, when and how much!


Chat to you later about my other big love…Hint:  It “vrooms”