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Wild about Wild Teepees!

Some of my favourite childhood memories are of fort-building. Now, as the mom of an imaginative, twinkly-eyed five-year-old, I see those memories resurfacing almost daily, personified all over my basement, the backyard, in random cupboards, and under tables and chairs.

Kids love to build forts… And why not? In an era of parenting where overscheduling is king, and easy, breezy, Sunday-afternoon-backyard-play is – sadly – a rarity, of course kids love when they get the chance to build something, play in it, be silly, and be… kids.

It is my fondness of forts that led to my immediate head-over-heels reaction to Wild Teepees when I noticed the prWildTeepee-14Feb2016-03-weboducts online last month. Stylish and modern-looking, these teepees are the perfect addition to your little one’s playroom or ANY room of your house! They provide hours-upon-hours of imaginative fun for your little person (or little people! They fit two toddlers comfortably).

Wild Teepees was launched by a mom who, during her first maternity leave, took a step back (as many of us do when our first baby enters our lives) to rediscover her imagination through the wide eyes of a creative and wondrous little person. Several months later, she had completed her first teepee, providing a hub for her wee one’s imagination, and proving that it is truly the simplest things that bring the greatest joy to our children.

Wild Teepees may have been created by a mom, but they were designed for a child. They are well-constructed, easy to set up (which cannot be said for every children’s toy!), and easy to disassemble for storage under a bed or in a closet. Available in tons of gorgeous prints, they are visually appealing too! They can be used indoors or outdoors at your home, or packed away as a fun and shady hideout at the park or beach. And, because these teepees were designed for modern families who want to spend more time playing with their kids than fumbling with toy set-up, a simple instruction manual is included with every purchase.

These fantastic spaces can be turned into everything from reading nooks to princess castles, dinosaur dens to rocket ships, and tea rooms to magic caves, all through the power of your child’s imagination, and in the simplicity of your living room on long-awaited and much-needed easy, breezy Sunday afternoon.