White Noise And When It Is Recommended

Many people ask me about white noise or sounds machines to help with their baby’s sleep.  White noise is a great way to block out house noises that MAY be keeping your child awake.  If you live on a busy street with lots of street noise or you have a dog who likes to bark like mad at every squirrel it sees or every noise it hears, or if you have very creaky floors and an early riser in the house, or a very loud older child who likes to stomp, run and yell throughout the day, then I will recommend something to block out those sounds.  A fan or a simple white noise machine will do the trick to help your baby sleep through things that could wake him from a peaceful slumber.

I recommend setting it to RAIN or WHITE NOISE.  Waterfalls, birds chirping or ocean waves all fluctuate and can be stimulating and not at beneficial.  Having a machine that isn’t on a timer is also a good idea.  Put it on and leave it the night.  Many companies make cute little sound machines that are on a 20 or 40 minute timer and they usually end right when your little one is transitioning from one sleep cycle to the next and if they rouse, notice the sound is gone, then they want it back to go to sleep. I don’t recommend them.  If it is one that is not on a timer, and is consistent, it becomes the norm and as they become a stronger, deeper sleeper, the noise machine can be taken out of the room.  It doesn’t become a “prop” for sleep.

I also highly recommend them for travel.  When you are staying in a hotel room for instance, a noise machine allows you not to panic if a noisy guest is in the hall, a door slams, or if room service knocks on the door to bring you and your hubby dinner. You can enjoy your stay in the room without having to whisper and tip toe around.

It is also fabulous when you bring your child to parties and holiday events. It is peace of mind that your child is sleeping soundly and you can enjoy visiting and getting caught up and not stressing about your little ones sleep.

My favourite brands are Conair and Obus.  They are light, good quality, and easy to pop in your travel bag.  I also found they are a seasonal item and come out during Christmas.  So you are in luck- with Christmas around the corner, you will be able to find them in your local stores.