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Wash Away the Day

Slipping into a hot, sudsy tub after a long and tiring day…or really any kind of day…is definitely a highlight for me. It’s a signal to my mind and body that now is the time to finally relax. No kids, no pets, no distractions — just time for me. Whether it’s with a glass of wine, a compelling novel or guided meditations, taking a calming soak is totally underrated.

So its no surprise that the positive sentiments elicited from taking a bath also occur in our wee ones. When we’d plunge my young son into his toasty bath he would instantly go calm. He just loved the water! And he knew that after his bath came a story, a bottle and then finally bedtime. In our house, bath time was a family affair. My husband, myself, our baby and the dog would all crowd into the bathroom every night like clockwork. It was such a great bonding experience for my husband and I as a couple and also for us as parents.

Wash the Day Away Image

And when I say like clockwork I mean it. Whether we had company, were out for dinner, or whatever, when it came time for bed, bath time was first up on the docket. Our kiddo started to look forward to it as much as we did! The bath was just step one in a routine that we worked really hard to establish. When babies are young it’s a challenge to help them organize their days from nights. And bath time helped signal to him that his “big sleep” was coming — not just any old nap.

We always made sure to use all-natural baby-friendly bath products to avoid drying out his skin and frequently lathered him in baby lotion. Our personal favourites are the Burt’s Bees and The Honest Company brands. Burt’s Bees has a specific line just for babies — Baby Bee (how adorable right?!). From lotions and potions to make up and lipstick and hooded towels and baby clothing, the brand has really exploded to suit any need that might arise for the entire family. For some top recommended Burt’s Bees products, check out: Best Burt Bees Products

The Honest Company covers everything from cleaning supplies to personal products — all specially crafted and designed to care for your wee one. Check out The Honest Company’s Essentials Bundle — a monthly subscription so you never run out! Oh and you can sign up to try free samples before you purchase. 

Humans are creatures of habit. And it is never too early to start cultivating good ones in your young ones — especially when the habits help foster positive sleep. Because we all know — when they sleep, you sleep!