Vroom While Your Baby Is Sleeping

At last I am able to write about the second part of my last post……

I should start off by saying besides being baby & toddler sleep obsessed I am a bit of a neat freak  I love clean, uncluttered and fresh. Yup- I am that girl who washes the floor at the end of every dinner hour and runs the vacuum thru the entire house (well, it’s not a mansion or anything….but a good 2200 sq ft…) before the end of each day or when Chase is sleeping.  It makes me feel good!  I actually enjoy cleaning. Plus with Chase running around all over the floor, not only do I want him to be some what “germ-free”, but I also don’t particularly enjoy greasy hand prints and splattered milk felt under my feet when I cruise on the tile or hardwood.

People think I am crazy…and sometimes I think I am as well…BUT I must say, when you have the tools and a routine down pat, a quick clean is easy to do.  Hence….one of my loves…this little baby makes my life much easier and let me tell you- a FABULOUS investment!  It is the Dyson DC33 MultiFloor. It It is a lighter-weight upright for every floor type – carpet, ceramic, vinyl, wood. With a longer reach wand and washable HEPA filter.  It is perfect for life with a toddler!!!  It has made my obsession with clean much easier to handle. It hangs on the wall in our garage and I just grab it and go for a spin/sucking fest!  It is also quiet and perfect for when your baby is sleeping!

I have a full regular upright Dyson as well which I also love but this lightweight versatile bad boy is quick and easy to do a full clean in minutes.

I recommend this to any Mom who likes crumbs, fluff and sand and dirt gone quickly and effortlessly really….And hey, I think we can all asleep a little better knowing we are waking up to a tier home.  Wouldn’t you agree?