Travel + Sleep Baby!

Does the thought of a vacation make you jump for joy but at the same time cringe because you have a new baby or a toddler or both?!  Common things that typically raise mom and dads heart rate are the unknown…..

Will my child sleep on the plane? (this one is a biggie!)

 Will they scream? (Yikes!  Please no!)

Will I have a row with an extra space so my baby isn’t fussing away while the kind old  man the next seat over is trying to relax and enjoy the start of his vacation? (praying for empty seats)

How do I handle my babies schedule with a  time change? 

How will me baby sleep in a hotel room? 

We have lots of visiting and touring to do… do I honour my babies sleep and naps and still enjoy my vacation? 

Will my baby sleep in a playpen or a strange place? 

Traveling is exciting and doesn’t have to be stressful.  The truth is, there are many things you can do to easy your baby or toddler (or both!) into a smooth travel transition and steps you can take to help with their sleep while in a new place or on the go!

Key Tips:

Always try to honor your child’s regular nap schedule the best you can.  An overtired child is no fun and will be sure to cause some anxiety.  When child are overtired they have a hard time going to sleep and are hard to handle and console.

If you are going into a new time zone, my suggestion is to hop right into it and treat it like a normal day at home.  Do the best you can to just get in sync in the new zone.  It may take a few days for your little one (s) to adjust, but it will be fine after they adjust.

If you are staying at friends, a cottage or rental home, bring a portable blackout blind.  The GRO Blind is perfect for travel.  A dark room always helps with better naps and nighttime sleeps.

If you are going to a place which may be noisy and disruptive, then grab a white noise machine to block out sounds that may cause disturbances in your little ones sleep.  They are light and easy to pop into your luggage (my fav is the Conair one found at Zellers in the Pharmacy section)

If travelling with a young baby who is still bottle or breastfeeding, I suggest feeding at take off and for landing.  If their ears are bothering them with the pressure change, this will help.  It will also help calm them if they are scared of the new experience.

If your little one is used to his or her own room, and you are in a hotel room without a suite or separate space, then it is a good idea to pin up a sheet and make a little barrier so your little one doesn’t see you and get stimulated or distracted and eant to play or not sleep .