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Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Sleep Coach

Why would you hesitate to hire SLEEP COACH?  Here are 5 “no-brainer” reasons to make sleep a priority in hour home.

Trust us.

Save precious time and energy– researching, planning and education yourself on healthy sleep that works for YOUR family and YOUR child can take time.  Not to mention, it can be extremely overwhelming.  A sleep consultant will take that load off your plate so you can close the iPad, turn off the monitor and stop scrolling thru hundreds of websites thru the night when you baby is up and you are exhausted.

Minimize sleep deprivation- Nobody needs to suffer from the serious side effects of lack of sleep.  Did you know that lack of sleep can cause the following negative side effects:

  • memory issues
  • trouble thinking and concentrating
  • mood changes
  • a weakened immune system
  • high blood pressure
  • higher risk of getting diabetes
  • weight gain
  • low sex drive
  • risk of heart disease
  • poor balance

Save yourself from headaches and stress– Life is too chaotic and demanding as it is and even worse when you are exhausted!  A Professional Sleep Consultant will not only educate, create a custom program and coach you every step of the way, they will ease the stress and use of Advil!

For your whole families health + happiness- let’s face it, your baby needs sleep for many reasons.  Sleep deprived babies  can become more clingy (increased separation anxiety), more accident prone, become more active as night wears on, have feeding problems and can cause some serious issues regulating emotions. A lack of sleep can also effect a child’s brain development, have negative effects on the immune system, lower cognitive scores, and make a much more moody baby! A well-rested baby = a much happier, and healthier home with rested parents as well!

Re-connect with your partner- No one prepares us for the relationship struggles that happen after a baby arrives. We don’t realize how taxing sleep deprivation, uncertain parenting roles, money worries and everyday stressors can be on our marriage. You soon realize that your precious arrival has set off a bigger cascade of problems between you and your spouse than you ever knew possible. A new baby doesn’t have to wreak havoc on your relationship. When your baby is sleeping a solid 11-12 hours a night, and in bed before 7 pm, this frees up some serious time for you and your partner to have a nice quiet dinner together, or enjoy a glass of wine and a movie on the couch or to put your feet up with a tea and have a good ol’ chat- just the 2 of you- without interruptions!  Imagine that!

We are certain you know what the right decision is now!