The top 5 mobile apps for babies

iphone-6-1523232_1920It’s 2016. So, no matter the question, the answer that always (always!) applies is: “There’s an app for that.” Baby sleep is no exception!

From soothing sounds to tracking baby’s snoozing habits, there are tons of apps available to help you navigate sleep in these first few years of parenthood. Here are WeeSleep’s fave five!

  1. White noise free sleep sounds: Live on a busy street? Is your Schnauzer barking at the neighbours, or your preschooler running mini-cars up and down the hallway while your baby tries to nap? White noise is a great way to drown out those external sounds and help your baby nap longer, and have fewer nighttime (and early morning) disturbances to their sleep. The White noise free sounds app – available on iTunes and Google Play – is a great way to introduce this calming sound to your little one. Remember, when using a sound machine or app, ensure it’s on a “white noise” or “rain” setting, and that it’s not on a timer, so the sound is even and constant throughout your baby’s sleep.
  1. Parenting Ages & Stages: Developmental milestones are cause for some truly camera-worthy moments in your little one’s first year. However, they can also wreak havoc on sleep! Knowing the signs to watch for to determine whether your child may be on the verge of a milestone can help mom and dad navigate potential sleep obstacles that may go along with these learning curves. The Parenting Ages & Stages Google Play targets the age and stage of your child so that you receive information on child development and parenting issues that are meaningful and relevant to you. The app features content for 5 stages: pregnancy, first year, second year, the early years and the school years. And (bonus!), it pushes notifications to you regarding important product recalls.
  1. Baby Connect: Sleep and nutrition go hand in hand for all of us, but this is never truer than during infancy and early childhood. The Baby Connect app tracks everything there is to track about your baby: feedings, pump schedules, solid foods, diapers, milestones, medicines and… sleep! It will chart your data and even share it via Facebook, Twitter and Email if you wish! The coolest feature? It synchronizes with iOS devices, Androids, and to the web, so that sharing baby’s details between parents, with the sitter, etc., is simple! The app is available Google Play.
  1. Baby Monitor 3G: If you have an extra iOS or Android device lying around, you can create an instant baby monitor using the Baby Monitor 3G app. With one device in the nursery and one as the parent unit, this app provides real-time video and audio of your baby, and lets you mix-and-match phones that run on both Android and iOS operating systems. The app features unlimited reach, and even an activity log to allow you to check how often your baby was awake and discover sleeping patterns.
  1. Baby Pack & Go: If you love to travel with your wee one, then you’ll love Baby Pack & Go, available at comand Google Play. This app includes pre-made packing lists of baby and toddler items that no parent wants to forget, and allows you to personalize the lists by adding your own items as well. There’s even a “Task Reminder Alert” that sends trip- and packing-related reminders to your phone. Packing for kids can be a pain – let’s make it easier on ourselves!


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