Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Baby Sleep Consultant

When your child gets the right sleep they are more alert, less grumpy, playful, eager to learn and most importantly happier. If your child isn’t sleeping through the night, struggling to fall asleep or waking up regularly it might be time to invest in a sleep coach. A baby sleep consultant will help you with a plan of action with methods you are comfortable with and tactics that have been proven.


1. Nothing seems to work

If you’ve tried it all but still aren’t able to get your child into a sleep routine it could be time to call on the professionals. It can be frustrating and draining to not have your child sleep through the night or settle into the right sleep patterns. Working with a baby sleep consultant to work through a night routine and help with training methods may be the right choice for you and your family.


2. You want professional advice

While researching online can definitely provide some helpful suggestions, there’s a lot of information out there and it can be hard to determine what’s expert advice and what’s not. Hiring a baby sleep consultant will ensure you’re getting professional advice that is going to help not hinder your process. You’ll be able to trust the information that is given to you as you are working with those who have had years of experience using sleep training techniques to help parents and their children.


3. It’s affecting the rest of the family

When you have young ones that are waking up irregularly through the night it doesn’t just affect them; it affects you and the rest of the family. It’s disruptive to you and your family’s sleep if you are constantly being woken up. A tired and groggy family isn’t usually a well-functioning one. If you’re ready to put yourself and your family first hiring a baby sleep consultant is a step in the right direction.


4. You want a step-by-step plan

You might have been trying tips from a friend or information you found online to help with your child’s sleep. While this can be useful, when you are having ongoing problems with your child’s sleep it’s far more effective and measurable to have a step-by-step action plan. Having an action plan that has been crafted by you and a professional is not only effective but means you can measure the success of each tactic you try. Measuring this success allows you to celebrate the small wins and know when the sleep training is working. Hiring a baby sleep consultant will also let you


5. You need tailored advice

Every child is different and unique which means not every generic sleep plan is going to work. Each family has different dynamics which are taken into consideration when working with a sleep professional. You might travel a lot, have different caregivers or work different shifts all these contribute to your child’s sleep. Creating a unique tailored plan to get your child sleeping well will be more effective and work faster than trying to take generic advice.


6. Create more ‘you’ time

Let’s be honest, having your sleep interrupted or taking hours to put your child to sleep affects your mental state and the downtime you get. By having your child sleeping well and being able to fall asleep quickly will greatly improve your own life. You’ll have more time to spend on yourself,


7. You want to save money and time

While you might view hiring a sleep coach as an investment, it’s well worth it. Putting in the hard work now while your child is younger can save you money and time later down the track. It’s proven that poor sleep routines over time can affect your child’s immunity, school abilities and even contribute to mental disorders such as ADHD.


8. You’re noticing the side effects of lack of sleep

Grumpiness, outbursts, lack of concentration, crying are all signs of your child not getting enough sleep. While it’s easy to think they are just misbehaving there is usually a reason for it. It’s very noticeable when your usually well-behaved little one turns into a grumpy monster thanks to not enough hours. It’s even more of a problem when this behaviour becomes regular as their sleep is constantly disrupted. Hiring a baby sleep consultant will help put this lack-of-sleep-induced behaviour to rest.


9. Using an appropriate training method

You might have read about the Feber method, or “cry it out” and decide you’re not interested and instead wanted a slower and gradual approach. Hiring a sleep consultant will work with you to decide what’s best. You’ll have complete control of the process which will enable you to discuss what methods you like the sound of. Having the personal support of a sleep consultant will keep your training consistent and also make you more accountable for sticking to the plan.


10. There is a change happening in the dynamics

You might have moved house, moved their room, are weaning your child off co-sleeping or have a family member moving in. Any change in life can be disruptive and this could be affecting your child’s sleep habits without you knowing it. Often when we are going through a period of change it can be extra stressful. Working with a professional will help this transition be effortless and less stressful for you and your baby.

Hiring a sleep consultant is life-changing for many. When you and your child get enough hours of rest, the whole family is happier, more alert and ready to tackle life. Sleep is one of the most important factors in a healthy child so if the points in this blog resonate with you it might be time to give sleep coaching a go.