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Toddler Crib Games

When Your Child Throws His Snuggly Out Of The Crib & It Becomes A Game

And How Not To Let Your Child Make Crib Time For Partying

Do you have a little one who just loves having all their toys and snuggly buddies in the crib with them?  Does he or she demand being surrounded by the giant elephant, all Elmos, rabbits and Mr. Lion?

Quite often little ones adore playing games with us and it is usually in an attempt to get more attention-negative or positive, toddlers love attention!

What can you do about this situation?

Give your child a choice: “Out of these 4 guys, which 2 do you want to sleep with?” and stick to your guns. If he/she still wants them all, then give the long time fav snuggly or blanket and draw the line.

Does your little one get a kick out of throwing their snuggly buddy out of the crib and then yell for you to come put it back in?

Not only are blankets and snuggly stuffed friends great companions, they are also fun to launch across the room.  Many clients have experienced the “throwing of the security object” tactic to get mom or dad back in the room. It becomes a game of fetch and little ones LOVE throwing it out and waiting for someone to bring it back to them- only for them to do it again before you even reach the door usually!

What can you do about this situation?

If you leave the room and you know you child has thrown it out and is yelling or crying to get it back, then you would go in, no words, no light and just drop it back in the crib and leave.  Make is super boring and eventually it won’t be any fun.  You may have to do this for a week or 2 but it will stop as long as you do not engage or draw attention to it.

Good luck and sleep well!