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The Ultimate Guide to Self-Care for Moms

There are few jobs in life as challenging as being a mother. Moms are the cornerstone of any great family, and so much falls on their shoulders. Of course, moms love the challenge, and rise to the occasion again and again. However, it’s important to note that even these “Supermoms” need to think about their own self-care every now and again. Because if moms don’t take care of themselves, they run the risk of not being able to take care of their families.

WeeSleep consultants spend a great deal of time with amazing moms all around the world. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that moms absolutely must have a self-care routine in order to maintain themselves for the long, challenging road of raising children.

Since we’ve been fortunate enough to speak with so many moms about their own routines, we’ve been able to develop our own list of top tips we’ve learned. For any mom out there in need of self-care, here’s our ultimate guide to building a mom self-care routine.

Schedule Self-Care
If you want to get serious about your self-care, you need to treat it like every other important to-do in your life, and get it on the calendar. As anyone with children knows, the hours and days disappear in the blink of an eye, and unless you are vigilant about protecting a block of self-care time regularly, you’ll never be able to indulge with any regularity.

The good news is that mommy self-care doesn’t require all that much time out of your schedule. In fact, many of the ideas we’re going to share here require but 10-15 minutes out of your day!

Exercise Regularly
While we tend to think of self-care as a “mental” practice, in all actuality, it’s really a whole-body routine. The mind is greatly affected by the health of the body, and as such, finding time to exercise regularly is the first step in a healthy mom self-care routine.

However, we know the days of leisurely 90-minute workouts are behind you – and that’s ok! Just find any way to get exercising with regularity. Join a gym with a free daycare. Create a system with your nearby friends that involves taking turns watching the kids while mom works out. Or even just take a nice long, brisk walk with your baby in their stroller. Do whatever you can to get moving!

Find a Meditation App
With your body taken care of, it’s time to take care of your mind with a little meditation. Now, meditation may seem like something that would require years of practice and loads of time to master, however that’s no longer the case. Apps such as Headspace and Calm have made the art (and benefits!) of meditation accessible to all…even those with as little as 5 minutes to spare.

Allowing yourself time each morning to reflect in your own head will greatly improve your ability to deal with the challenges of the day ahead. So, find the app that’s right for you, and embrace your inner Zen.

Many moms have told us that reading used to be one of their favorite activities before their child was born, but now they just can’t find the time. While parenting will always be about making sacrifices, reading shouldn’t be such a sacrifice – especially considering the benefits in can have on your mind!

If you were a reader before kids, find a way to continue reading as part of your mom self-care routine. Even if it’s just setting aside 20-minute blocks 3-4 days a week, mark a reading time on your calendar so that you can continue the activity you love, and in the process, renew your mind and spirit.

Create Your Mom Zone
As any parent knows, the second a child arrives, it feels like your home is overtaken with baby stuff. This is completely natural. However, you may not realize the negative mental effects this can have on moms, as they lose the space in which they used to unwind and relax.

To counteract this, build a “mom zone” within your home. It can be an entire room or just a quiet corner, but make it clear to everyone in the house that this space is moms-only. Make it cozy, comfortable, and decorated in a style you love. Use it to meditate, read, enjoy a glass of wine, or even just sit quietly for a few minutes after a long day.

By having a space all your own, your brain will be much more relaxed knowing it can momentarily escape whenever needed just by walking into the next room.

Treat Yourself: Yoga/Massage/Manicure etc

Remember those things you loved before parenthood? Your Saturday yoga class? That bi-weekly massage? Those manicures!

Well, you shouldn’t have to say goodbye to these just because you’re a mom. In fact, they should be embraced as part of a core component of your self-care routine! Recognize that these treats for your body and mind are what reenergize you, and fill your tank to tackle all the parenting tasks of the week.

Find Time for Quick Escapes
A healthy self-care practice also involves understanding when it’s time to step away. Schedule short dates for yourself, with yourself, a couple of times a week. Ask your partner or a friend/family member to watch the children while you head out for a quiet, calm latte at the local coffee shop, a quick trip for some retail therapy at the mall (and no shopping for the kids – just mom!), or even just take the dog and go for a quiet, solitary walk to embrace a moment of calm.

Ask for Help
We’ve saved the most important element of any mom self-care routine for last: know when it’s time to ask for help! Mothers are the most powerful, amazing people on earth. But even we can’t do it alone.

The most important part of a mom self-care routine is knowing when to ask for help. Finding someone to watch the children when you need a quick break. Requesting that your partner step in a pick up more of the responsibilities. Asking for help is never, ever a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength. And the sooner you learn to be comfortable asking for help, the sooner you will master your mom self-care routine.

Getting Started
Starting a mom self-care routine is never easy. You’ll likely be overwhelmed with knowing where to begin. Some may even feel a touch of guilt…as if they were robbing their precious babies of time together. But a healthy family starts with a healthy mom. Take care of yourself, and see the wonders it will do for your life!

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