The Scoop on Poop

Moms and Dads, it’s time to get down and dirty. And not the way you would have in your twenties. No, we’re here to give you the low down on what goes on downtown.

That’s right. The breakdown of bowel movements. The scoop on poop.

When you have a newborn, who’s waking through the night, of course it’s common sense to change their diaper every time they wake – pee or poop. But when your wee one has started sleeping longer stretches, or through the night –yippee! – it’s common to wonder whether or not rousing your baby for diaper changes is the right call.

Today’s diapers are trés absorbent, not at all like the simple variety of years past. So, leakage is rarely an issue. But as we all know, babies almost always pee and occasionally poop when they’re sleeping. Many new parents rouse their sleeping babes to change a wet diaper, and there’s totally no reason for that. Diapers are made to last through the night, and if your wee one is wearing the correct size you should be good to go until morning.

Now, when it comes to poop that’s a whole different story.


Leaving your child in a poopy nappy can cause all kinds of nasty issues. To avoid diaper rash and any exploring infant hands, be sure to change your baby if you suspect a bowel movement. Of course, if this is an all-too-common occurrence then this pooping paradigm will begin to disrupt your little one’s sleep and impact the quality of their rest.

Depending on the age of your babe you have two options: Adjust to Avoid or Wake & Wipe.

Adjust to Avoid

  • Typically, once babies are a bit older and have sorted out their nights and day, their systems begin to adjust. Baby eats less (or not at all) at night and the night pooping usually goes away. The same applies to naps.
  • The Wake, Eat, Sleep Cycle also helps as baby has usually done his/her business well before the nap.
  • To help baby stop pooping after going to sleep for the night, consider giving the last feed a bit earlier in the night to encourage a movement before bedtime.

But maybe your baby’s body hasn’t figured it out yet.

Wake & Wipe

If you must rouse your little one:

  • Use only a dim light.
  • Check if (s)he is in a deep sleep by lifting a leg or arm. If baby does not react (s)he is likely in a deep sleep and less likely to wake up while you change the diaper. If baby reacts, consider waiting 5-10 minutes for a deep sleep.
  • If possible, change the diaper in the crib. But don’t risk soiling the sheet. A nearby changing table will do just as well – and remember to keep it stocked!
  • Instead of a blanket use a sleep sack for your wee one. Some have zippers that open from the bottom so that baby’s temperature is practically unaltered during the diapering. We love the GUNAMUNA Gunapod which is made with the unique WONDERZiP® for the easiest possible diaper change.
  • If you have a newborn, just be patient and mid-night poopings will likely pass.
  • Evaluate your child’s diet – solids, new foods and your diet if you’re nursing.
  • If you’re potty training, it’s possible that your tot is holding it in during the day and pooping when they are relaxed and in diapers/trainers.
  • Whatever your situation, always apply the diaper cream. It’s good for protecting their little behinds from any and all diaper situations.

And there you have it. The scoop on poop from the WeeSleep Infant & Toddler Sleep Professionals. Keeps the bums clean and the kiddos sleeping!