The Diaper Bag Dilemma is Over!

Back when my little guy was an infant I found it next to impossible to find a diaper bag that was hip, functional, tote like, leather and quality and one that didn’t look like a diaper bag! I wasn’t into crazy prints, flaps and all sorts of mesh and craziness. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some great bags out there BUT….ofcourse, when my guys was long, long out of diapers, I discovered Oemi Baby. And let me tell you, I grabbed one for my everyday purse and am in LOVE! I wish it had been available to me 4 years ago when I was in diaper/bottle mode!

Being in the sleep business and surrounded by infant and toddler goods, I am always on the lookout for cool gadgets and gear for baby and mom. After seeing the Oemi bag from across a crowded baby show, I bee-lined it to Faye the owner, to GUSH about the amazing bag and put my order in! AS I cruised her booth, I also fell in love with her adorable sleepers and blankets. They made me want to have another baby! (well, ok, not really, but they are SO adorable!)

I love supporting local Canadian moms in business. Faye from Oemi Baby was so sweet and a super cool mom herself. I was happy to make the connection and to be able to share the love I have for her line.  I get compliments on my bag everywhere I go and I foresee a long term relationship with it. For me, it gets my ipad, phone, protein bars, a wallet and water bottles rather than diapers, formula, butt wipes and apple sauce.

If you are a mom (or soon to be!) who wants a classic bag that is solid, gorgeous and ready for some serious loading up in it’s many pockets, you have to get one. There is a cognac colour and dreamy grey. I had a hard time choosing but weoemi_baby_bag_grey__26579.1405371425.470.356nt for the cognac! There is a short shoulder strap or a long strap you can add to it as well. The bottom has protective metal round “feet” to keep it off the ground and yucky stuff too. So functional and oh, so, beautiful!.. It sells for $295 which I think is a great deal considering fabric designer ones sell for over $100 and you likely have to go through a couple and then it’s gone when baby is out of diapers. The Oemi bag won’t be going anywhere for a long time as you can just transition it to your everyday purse and ofcourse have lots of room for snacks, drinks and other things you take on the go!

Enjoy moms!  I love sharing the modern, hip, mom and baby stuff!fg__05496.1405366137.146.130oemi_baby_blanket__29565.1405367858.470.356