I did this program with my first child and it worked great! She was sleeping through the night after 3 nights. I was nervous to do it again with my next child that is currently 5 months old, thinking there’s no way it would be as easy as my first. When I had my consultation with Stephanie, she was so great and assured me that all of my baby’s sleep problems could be fixed within a matter of days. After starting the program, she started sleeping through the night on night two. I can’t tell you how huge this was for my daughter! She was previously waking up 3-4 times a night, needing me to rock her and put her back to sleep. This process was not quick and would sometimes take upwards of two hours. Not to mention the dreaded pacifier that would keep falling out so she would cry for me to come put it back in. Stephanie walked me through every little thing, answered all my questions and was of support to me every day via email. Also, my daughters naps are getting better and better each day. I am so thankful to Stephanie for helping me teach my daughter how to self soothe so she can get the sleep she needs. My daughter and I are both so much happier after all this sleep. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone!