Despite having read countless articles and advice about sleep, getting my daughter into a good routine, and trying to eliminate as many sleep props as possible, I was still waking up 4-6 times a night with our 6 month old. This started around 4 months and I chalked it up to the “4months sleep regression,” and continued to tell myself it was just a phase, but after 2 months, and I tired mama and a tired babe (who is normally very content), I knew it was time to call in some help. We consulted with Cara Myre, and completed the Rescue Me Package. I appreciated all the back history and data collection that went into creating her customized plan. Cara took the time to reassure me around my concerns, and provide me options so that I was able to move forward confidently and consistently with the plan. While I know every experience and every babe is different, I am very happy to share that our 6.5 month old, has been sleeping 12-13 hours through the night since night 2!! Thank you Cara and thank you WeeSleep!