Take that Nap To-Go!

photo-nic-co-uk-nic-166679When I was expecting my first child, my friends all fretted: “I hope you don’t become one of those moms who never leave the house once the baby comes.” At first I wasn’t sure how to respond. The baby wasn’t even here yet and people were already making me question whether or not I was doing the right thing! I’d always been a social person, with a full calendar, lots of hobbies and commitments – and I knew I was about to welcome a brand-new top priority into my life – but did that really mean I had to say goodbye to everything and everyone who made me “Me?” I started to wonder…

Wouldn’t I be a happier person, better wife and stronger mother if I maintained key relationships and interests? Couldn’t I forgo the hermit-at-home badge and welcome the outside world into our baby bubble?

I thought so. Don’t get me wrong, the first few outings were easier said than done but once we figured out what we needed and were situated with the right baby gear and supplies it sure got a lot easier and definitely more rewarding. It’s no surprise to anyone that babies, especially newborns can sleep a lot. And I mean A LOT. For most moms (and for me) this was the biggest challenge in getting out of the house – what’s the point in packing up your purse and the diaper bag to just turn around an hour later for baby to nap in the crib? Not much.

But what if you could stock your car and your bag with a few simple fool-proof products that guarantee safe sleep for baby and some social time for you? That’s what we call a “win-win.”

Invited for lunch at a friend’s? Pull out the Pack n’ Play. With easy setup and teardown, these durable units are completely suited for travel, making your wee one comfy and cozy anywhere you choose to go – whenever that might be.

To ramp up the cozy factor, wrap your baby in a sleep sack. These wearable blankets replace loose blankets and help baby to sleep more safely and stay warm – likely prolonging that afternoon nap and leaving you more time to catch up with friends without all the fussing.

What about if you’re headed to a coffee date? Ready to reconnect over a glass of wine?

Sleeping in the stroller is okay – particularly if it’s sleep certified, but be sure to make the sleeping environment as peaceful and dark as possible by covering the stroller with a light blanket and sitting in a quieter area.

Headed on a weekend road trip smack dab in the middle of scheduled nap time? Fear not, your wee one can still stay on schedule and catch some Zzzs in the car. Create a dark atmosphere by hanging up the GRO Company GRO Anywhere Blind Curtain to prevent the sunlight from bothering babe’s little eyes and away you go!

Having a baby is a blessing not a sentence. No mom needs to feel like she’s on house arrest. With the proper planning and tools we can all reclaim our social lives without having to sacrifice our sleep schedule.


Expert Tips:

  • Newborns are especially portable and gifted at sleeping just about anywhere. But as they get older be wary of regular naps in cars or strollers as the rocking motion can prevent your baby from self-soothing to sleep.
  • Even if you’re out and about, try to keep baby’s nap times and length consistent with their usual schedule. Just because they’re portable does not mean they’re flexible!
  • Always keep an eye out for signs that your baby isn’t getting enough sleep. Meltdowns, overtiredness and difficulty sleeping through the night are all signs that something’s gone awry. Do these signs sound familiar? Struggling to figure out why your baby isn’t sleeping? We know who can help 😉

Get organized. Get packed. And get out of the house! Take that nap (and that bottle of wine) to go!