Step Up Your Baby’s Bedtime Routine

A consistent bedtime routine makes all the difference, especially if you’re looking to help your little one sleep better throughout the night. It can help your baby become familiar with the idea that sleep is coming, which in turn can make life a whole lot easier for you as a parent.

While a bedtime routine might not look the same for every single parent, there are a few components that can help your baby get a good night’s sleep. If you’re looking for a general bedtime routine to follow, keep reading for our best practices.


There are so many benefits to a bedtime bath in your baby’s night routine. Not only will a bath leave baby feeling fresh and clean, it will also provide a wonderful opportunity for you to bond with your baby before bed and set them up for a good night’s sleep. A bath is a great step to have in a bedtime routine because once done consistently, it will help your child connect bath time with the idea that their night sleep is about to begin.

Diaper, lotion, PJs

Often following bath time is the diaper, lotion, and PJs portion of the routine. Like bath time, the diaper, lotion and PJs portion of your baby’s bedtime routine is another bonding opportunity that can set your baby up for a good night’s sleep when done consistently. After washing away the day and signalling to your baby that their big night of sleep is coming, the diaper, lotion and PJs portion of the routine is an additional part of the process that will prep them for the night of rest to come. They’ll go to bed feeling comfortable, fresh and their best.

Breast or Bottle Feeding

Feeding before bed can sometimes present a daunting challenge when it comes to sleep training your baby, but it is something that can work. A lot of exhausted moms tend to fall asleep with their baby after breastfeeding. This is something that needs to be avoided.  One of our biggest tips is to remove sheets and pillows before breastfeeding, and know that you can go to sleep in your bed as soon as your baby is put safely into their crib for sleep.  You want to be sure your baby is kept awake and does not get drowsy or falls asleep during this feed. . You want your baby going intp the crib awake but full, content, safe, and ready for sleep!  

Swaddle or sleep sack

Sometimes adding a swaddle, (a wearable blanket that keeps baby’s arms close to his/her body,) is an option if you’re looking to add an additional layer to your baby for bedtime. A sleep sack, (a wearable blanket that allows baby’s arms to move around freely) is another option. Not only will both a swaddle or sleep sack keep baby feeling warm and comforted, but it can also work similarly to the other steps by signalling that it is time to go to sleep. While some may prefer this solely for bedtime, it can also be useful for naps as well.

Reading & cuddles

Parents often hear about how they should be reading to their child during bedtime but why can it be so important in the bedtime routine? Aside from being an additional add-on to the sense of comfort and familiarity that they feel in their sleep environment, it’s a great way for you to snuggle, cuddle and reconnect with your baby, while also helping cultivate your child’s imagination.

Lay Down, lights out

Once baby has drifted off to sleep in their crib, it’s time for lights out. Just as the other steps above signal to your baby that their night sleep is coming, turning all the lights off will allow them to reach an optimal sleep stage each night and most importantly, stay asleep during the night. Babies find darkness soothing, comforting, and calming, whereas light might disrupt their sleep and prevent them from staying asleep during the night.

White Noise

There are many instances where white noise may come in handy for your baby’s sleep. It can help cancel out any noise that may be keeping your child awake, especially if you live on a busy street or area.

Certain noises can awake your baby from a peaceful slumber and a white noise machine can do just the trick to ensure that they get the sleep they need throughout the night. If you do decide to use a white noise machine, make sure to leave it on so that it becomes the norm for them. Once they develop a stronger sense of sleep, the machine can be removed so that it doesn’t become a “prop”.

Say goodnight

The things we say to our little one’s matter. Once your bedtime routine has been completed, a simple sweet saying or goodnight is the perfect way to put an end to a solid bedtime routine!

If there’s one thing to take away from these tips for stepping up your baby’s bedtime routine, it’s that consistency is KEY. 

Making sure you do the steps in your baby’s bedtime routine consistently will signal to your baby that it’s time for bed. Other details like making sure you do the routine around the same time each night for the same duration of time can help as well. As a result of a consistent routine, your baby will develop positive sleep habits which in turn will help YOU have a better night’s sleep as well.