Sleeping Babies All Around!

I had to share a testimonial I received from a recent client. I met her at a seminar and her sign off cracked me write up!  Are you guily of bum patting?  Shhhhhh-ing?  Rocking? Bouncing on a stability ball for hours not to get in shape but to get your baby to sleep?

Janey… we want to say THANK YOU!!!!   Thank you Thank you Thank you for helping us get our little Juliana back!  Before we started working with you, Juliana was cranky, miserable, and never slept.  We were frustrated bum patting and sushing slaves… but thank goodness no more!   Lol.  Your sleep plan was easy to follow and we found ourselves referring back to it daily and it has become a huge resource for us!  You were always there for us every step of the way and although it was a tough ten days – it was VERY worth it!  These last few days have been amazing.  Juliana is napping like a champ during the day, eating better during meals, and overall such a much happier baby than we ever expected was possible.  We have seen new wonderful colours of her personality this last week that we had no idea even were there!  The best part – BEDTIME!  Not only has Juliana accepted her new bedtime routine with open arms but the best part about it is… she goes to bed happy, no crying and wakes up happy!  We are over the moon with excitement over this.  Every night we put her in bed, walk away and look at each other in amazement thinking… how is this even possible?  Thank you Janey for making all of this “possible” – for giving us the tools to teach Juliana what healthy sleep is and how to self soothe.  Words could never explain how happy we are about all of this…. One thing is for sure we couldn’t have done it with out you.  You are amazing at what you do and how you teach others this skill.  We will forever be greatful! 


Monica and Jason Barros

(recovering bum patters) 😉