Sleep-Savvy Gift Guide

With exactly 27 sleeps until Christmas Day the pressure to purchase the perfect gifts is on! Now we might not be the most qualified to provide suggestions on what tool or device your picky father-in-law prefers, but when it comes to kiddos and their gear, wee like to think we know a thing or two.

Got a Momma, wee one, or Mom-to-be on your list? Let us take the struggle out of your holiday shopping spree with our sleep-savvy

  1. Sleep Sack: No need to stress about loose blankets in the crib, or your little one kicking off their blankets and catching a chill. Wee are all about the cozy no-muss no-fuss sleep sack. When you’ve finished your nap- or bed-time routine you place your little one in the wearable sleep sack (PJs and all) and zip them in for a cozy slumber.

     Our Recommendation: Gunamuna

  • The innovative bamboo Gunamuna Gunapod® Swaddle Sack features a swaddle that offers five different ways to swaddle your baby. From swaddle to sleep sack this “hip-healthy” product offers your baby comfort and versatility to make sure they get the best night’s sleep possible – whatever their style.
  1. White Noise Machine: Even the quietest calmest home can benefit from the use of a white noise machine – especially with the impending hustle and bustle of the holidays. For a happy, well-rested baby, fire up this machine during sleep time to block out dog barks, rowdy laughter and Christmas carols.

     Our Recommendation: Conair White Noise Machine

  • Consistent performance, long-lasting life span and available for purchase from most retailers.
  1. Snuggly Buddy: Littles ones love love love to have a snuggly cuddle buddy during nap- and bed-time slumber. Once they’re an appropriate age (4 months or so – ask your doc!) stuffed animals are a great option to introduce. Wee love animals where the bodies are made of soft blankets for max cuddle-ability.

     Our Recommendation: Little Navy

  • Wee love Little Navy’s customizable, Sherpa-lined bunny lovelies. Each bunny lovie is handmade with super soft Sherpa, cotton jersey and a hand stitched face for comfort and safety. Always make sure there are no loose bit and bobs to keep an eye out for – and that your little one’s snuggly buddy is totally baby-safe.
  1. Seasonal Stories: Storytime with your wee one as part of the pre-sleep routine is so important. Nothing is quite as calming as getting comfy-cozy and cracking a good read to help your little one unwind and get ready for slumber. With the holidays fast-approaching, what better time to get in the festive spirit than during storytime!

     Our Recommendation: When Santa Was a Baby

  • Indigo and most retailers feature a wide selection of seasonal children’s books. Our personal favourite this year is When Santa Was a Baby – a delightful exploration of how jolly old St. Nick came to be.

For more great gift ideas, check out Cool Mom Picks for the latest and greatest picks for the whole family. Happy shopping!