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Baby Sleep = Romance! Really?

Is your infant or toddler not sleeping at night and wreaking havoc on the romance department?

Let’s be honest…

  • Do you and your partner pass each other in the hall like zombies in the middle of the night?
  • Has the couch become your partner’s new best friend for sleep?
  • Are you camped out in your baby’s room while your partner sleeps in your comfy Tempurpedic?
  • When is the last time you actually shared a bottle of wine together, enjoyed a meal and a laugh without being completely exhausted and/or awaiting the dreaded screaming baby that is going to wake every hour or 2?

Here are some WeeSleep tips to help you start sharing the same sheets again!

  • Get your infant or toddler to sleep earlier rather than later.  Many parents make the mistake of keeping their little ones up too long, which causes them to be overtired, and things go sideways in the sleep department.
  • Put your little one in their crib in their own room.   Having a wee one in the bed is lovely, but it isn’t safe nor does anyone get a sound and restful sleep- especially when crawling and standing etc. come into play!
  • Make time for a bath in the bedtime routine.  Some parents only give their child a bath every second night or in the morning.  Make sure it is done every night as part of the bedtime routine.  It is a great signal to let your child know the “big long sleep” is coming up.
  • Don’t rock, feed, bounce, walk or drive your baby to sleep!  Put your little one down awake (not even drowsy). Teach your child to sleep independently.  With proper sleep habits and rockin’ sleep skills, your little one will sleep through the night (10-12 hours!) and take proper naps.

Hopefully this provides you with some motivation to respect and honor your child’s sleep AND your relationship with your partner!  A home is a much happier place when parents are connected and rested.