To Sleep or Not to Sleep – It’s No Question for New Mom Jillian Harris

It was a sleep coach and client relationship that was meant to be.

Weesleep-baby-sleep-jillian-harrisAfter my first conversation with Jillian Harris, host of Love It Or List It (Vancouver) and Love It Or List It Too (USA), I knew that we’d make a good team to get baby Leo to sleep through the night and take down naps like a pro. Jillian and I speak the same language (literally: OMGs, LOLs, and the occasional F-bomb were exchanged), though when it came to sleep Jillian and Justin needed to learn a new language and then teach Leo the ropes.

As most n
ew parents can relate, Jillian and Justin wanted to live and breathe every moment with their new baby. And, without even knowing it, creating sleep habits that can become hard to break over time. Like most babies, Leo was upset and protesting the change of habit at first – he was never left alone and was guided through the process with love and consistency. By Night 3, Leo was sleeping through the night (that’s a solid 12 hours!). In fact, Jillian needed to wake him for the day. “I panicked!” she said, in disbelief of how long he’d slept and sent me a “WHOOO!!” text in the morning, amazed at his fantastic sleep progress.Weesleep-baby-sleep-Jillian-harris

As with any baby, there were ups and downs in the process of sleep coaching with Leo – it is exactly that… a process. It can be an emotional roller coaster at times for babies and parents. And, in the case of Jillian’s baby, it also involved a lot of car naps and unfamiliar sleep environments as he joined her on her busy days! Despite all of that, however, Leo is now an amazing sleeper. With time, and as much consistency as possible in their crazy schedule, Justin and Jillian will continue to see their little man’s healthy rest flourish, and they will be able to enjoy their happy, rested baby even more.

Jillian posted her gratitude on Twitter and Facebook just yesterday, “Thanks for reaching out and working with us WeeSleep-Professional Paediatric Sleep Consultants!!!! Leo’s sleep habits are improving more and more every day, last night he slept 11 hours!!! This mamma is feeling RESTED!!!!!”.

This is precisely why I do what I do. It is the most rewarding thing ever to give the gift of sleep to parents at the end of their rope with a child that doesn’t sleep.

As for me, I just sleep coached Jillian Harris’s baby, NBD. I’m going to put my feet up, grab an XL glass of red, and think about my next redeco/reno! XOXO