Sick Babies & Sleep Setbacks & How To Handle Them

This is the time of year when we hear from so many people “My baby was sleeping amazing until she got sick- now everything is horrible because we got back into bad habits”. 

It is inevitable; colds, flu bugs, ear infections etc. all come with the winter (and the summer too!).

 If your little one is sick, here are some recommendations to keep their sleep on track:

  • If you are giving your child any medication like Tylenol or Advil, try giving it to them right before bed.
  • Put your child into his or her crib and NOT into your bed just because he is sick. It is not fair. Your child has developed positive skills and enjoys their crib and gets sound sleeps there- why mess with a good thing?
  • If you feel you need to be near your child during the night, you should go to them.  Sneak into their room while they are asleep and tuck yourself into a corner on the floor with your pillow so you can hear every breath and do a check when your heart desires.  Avoid holding their hand while you lay there…be still and be inconspicuous! You won’t be sleeping on a Sealy Posturpedic so expect a little stiffness the next day. If you have a toddler in their own bed, try sneaking in when they are asleep as well and staying somewhere on the floor- NOT IN THEIR BED WITH THEM- as tempting as it may be.

Other Mom-to-Mom Tips:

Baby Vicks Vaporub or the Mustela Soothing Balm works wonders when you put it on your little one’s feet prior to getting into their one-piece, footed sleeper.  And a little chest rub of it goes a long way!

A room humidifier to help with congestion and cough.

A cozy winter weight sleep sac is recommended.