Ray…Our Flight Home Saviour

I have been so busy from returning from our family trip to Mexico I have not had a spare second to blog.  We had a fabulous holiday and it was so nice to escape and take Chase on his very first hot vacation.  Nanna and Poppa spoiled him and he was a busy bee by the pool, in Nanna’s cupboard, eating sand and feeling grass for the first time on his bare bottom as he sat on the mini putting green!

As I am sure many of you have experienced, travelling with kids can be somewhat “challenging”…..All the hustle and bustle of airports…. passengers and flight staff get babies and toddlers excited and it is all simply very overstimulating.  So, getting a say 11 month old to sleep on a plane….darn near impossible!  With all the little set ups and strategies implemented to prepare Chase for sleeping on the plane, he wasn’t having any of it!  He was too busy smiling at people, grabbing at peoples arms as they came by, playing peek-a-boo with the kind man beside us and going through crying tantrums when mom would try and settle him on her lap with a nice bottle or meal, a blankey and story.  Back to the kind man in our row…..Ray.  As you may be familiar, many people aren’t too interested in being in the row with the baby…Well Ray sat down with a smile, and started immediately interacting with Chase. Chase adored Ray!  When we were having hard times on the flight with Chase, Ray would start playing peek-a-boo or blowing on Chases hands and making crazy faces at him to distract Chase and make him happy.  Even when Ray would start to relax, put his earphones on to watch a show and saw Chase was fussing, out came the earphones and Ray was back in action.  Ray lives in Ottawa, has a couple Grandchildren of his own, works at the Parliament Buildings and goes to Puerto Vallarta every year. This is all we know about Ray!  The purpose of this post is I would like the power of social media to bring me to Ray!  Someone must know Ray!  I would like to be in touch with him to thank him for making our trip home much easier!  He was a joy and quite frankly, there really aren’t many people who would be so kind.  Typically they would be annoyed and make one feel like crap.  Although I did feel so bad for Ray having to deal with our crazy overtired baby, I also felt “ok” because it was clear he understood and was having fun himself.  It was actually kind of humorous as I leaned over and said to Ray,” can you actually believe I am a baby sleep coach?!?!” Then I let out a big chuckle.

So if all of you can help find Ray so we can wish him a Merry Christmas and give him a big THANK YOU, that would be awesome!