Custom Consultation

Depending on your preference and where you are located in this great big amazing world, below are WeeSleep’s custom consultation options. Any one of the plans below will get your baby’s sleep perfected by following a clear and easy-to-follow custom plan that will teach them the skills necessary to happily sleep through the night (and take long, restful naps during the day) in 10 days or less!

No matter where you are located, we have a Professional WeeSleep Consultant to help you and your family! If you already know who you want to work with or to simply book a FREE 15-minute call with one of the Dream Team, find them below under “Choose Your Consultant”, if you want to find someone closest to you, find one below as well. Regardless of where you are, we have someone to help you with healthy sleep ASAP thanks to the power of FaceTime, Skype and phone!

Better Sleep in 3 Steps

Choose from our completely custom package, all lovingly guided by our Dream Team

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