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Rescue Me


This is our most loved package for families whose children are still sleeping in their crib. By the end of our two weeks together, we guarantee your little one will be sleeping through the night and taking naps! Sounds dreamy, right?

There are two options available for this package. You can work with us virtually (via Facetime, Skype or Zoom) or in person. In the case of the in-home option, your Consultant will get to know you and your family in the comfort of your own home.

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Lead Me (Half Night)


A great option for parents who need more support and personalized coaching. The Lead Me (1/2 night) package gives you with in-person, step-by-step guidance when implementing your child’s sleep plan. For the first part of the night, your certified consultant will walk you through getting your child to sleep and how to deal with night wake-ups.

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Stay With Me (Full Night)


If you’re looking for more support and personalized coaching, this package provides you with in-person, step-by-step guidance for 1-full night (12 hours) when implementing your child’s sleep plan. Your certified Consultant will be right beside you for the entire night, walking you through getting your child to sleep and how to handle any night wakes.

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Fresh Start


This package is the perfect choice for new parents or parents to be to start healthy sleep habits from day 1! When your little one is new to this great big world, there are ways you can help provide them the skills for healthy sleep right from day 1 in a very gentle way. They will by no means be sleeping through the night at this stage, nor should they be, given they need frequent feeds for nourishment. However, over time, with the right skills, they can transition to beautiful full night sleepers by giving them the guidance and skills as they grow. This includes a preliminary detailed questionnaire, personal remote consultation, custom sleep plan, sleep coaching and ample follow-up support.

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Speedy Sleep 911


This package is perfect for families with children under 29 months and who are still in a crib, who need sleep and need sleep FAST! Are you pressed for time, exhausted, overwhelmed, and on a budget? Want a plan that is easy to follow, and one that you can commit and stick to without a full support package? If this sounds like what you need, you can be sleeping within 10 days!

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Refresh Me – Baby


This package is for clients who have used our services before for their child who is still in a crib, and for some reason, let things slide. Sometimes vacations or illness or simply behavioural or developmental issues that come with age can throw you for a loop and before you know it, you need help to get things back under control. We can help you resolve any bad habits that may have been re-established and get sleep back on track.

This includes a secondary questionnaire, mini consultation, full support coaching and sleep plan along with ample follow-up support.

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