Vincenza Lind Toddler Time (In Home)

USD$ 695.00

This package is ideal for families who have tried different strategies with their toddler (2.5 years+ and out of the crib) or child (up to age eight) or who are not sure what to try and need guidance and professional support. This package will have your little one sleeping the night and for naps,  in their own beds, staying in their beds and on the best schedule for their developing (and busy!) bodies.  Your consultant will get to know your family in the comfort of your home, educate and discuss sleep and plan implementation.  A customized sleep plan  that will work best for your child and your lifestyle will be provided. There is no shortage of support and education to give you the confidence and tools you need to conquer challenging sleep habits.

  • Comprehensive family interview
  • Review of sleep plan and implementation coaching (1.5 hours)
  • Room assessment
  • Toddler interactive engagement and activity time (if applicable)
  • Telephone follow-up support (3 x 15 min phone calls in 1st week)
  • Email support (1 email per day for 14 days of program)
Toddler Time (In Home)
One Child

Toddler Time (In Home)
Two Children