Natalie Moran Rescue Me (In Home) Two Children

USD$ 845

This package is ideal for families with children under 2.5 years old (and still in the crib) who are wanting to meet their consultant in their home and to receive more personal attention and support throughout the entire sleep plan process.  This package gives you the confidence and reassurance you need to stay on track by having a Professional Consultant there for you every step of the way. This package skimps on nothing!
  • Review of your 100% customized sleep plan document, and implementation coaching and guidance overview (1.5 hours)
  • Nursery + routine coaching and assessment
  • Personalized online Sleep + Feeding log for daily analysis
  • Telephone follow-up support (3 x 15 min phone calls in 1st week)
  • Daily email support for 14 days
  • WeeSleep Tips Handbook- This covers everything you need for down the road so your investment doesn’t go sideways in case you do not know how to handle something. It covers; traveling, maintaining social time and naps, daylight savings, nap transitions- everything you need for things that will come up down the road.

NOTE: If your child is slightly younger than 2.5 years old, and has been out of the crib for over a month, the Toddler Time package most likely will be for you. Your consultant will advise which package is best for you based on your 15-minute complimentary discovery call.

Rescue Me (In Home)
One Child

Rescue Me (In Home)
Two Children