Lifestyle Elite with Janey Reilly

USD$ 12,000.00

This 5 day and 4 night package is the choice of parents where money is no object and they simply need someone to take care of their baby’s sleep issues and who prefer around the clock support and coaching. These parents often lead a very busy lifestyle where being tired isn’t an option. Janey Reilly (Founder and Well-Rested President) will be there to coach and guide you and your child 24 hours a day for 5 days. To work with Janey Reilly, please note a $2000 premium has been added due to her experience, availability and scheduling. It includes a preliminary detailed questionnaire and daily tracking for analysis, in-person consultation, 5 day stay, sleep coaching and unlimited follow-up support PLUS MORE.

  • Comprehensive family interview
  • In-home consultation and delivery of sleep plan
  • Personal shopping consultation to ensure you have the proper items for making certain your child has everything they need for comfortable sleep
  • Shopping to prep the nursery/space
  • Nanny/Caregiver guidance and coaching if applicable
  • Nursery assessment, set up and reorganization
  • Janey will teach you how to get out of the house and maintain the lifestyle you are used to while honoring your child’s sleep
  • Preparation of detailed “travel” guide for jetsetters so baby can always continue having healthy sleeps even while in the clouds!
  • Full 5 day/4 night implementation of sleep plan
  • Telephone follow-up support (3 x 15 min phone calls per week for 2 weeks)
  • Unlimited email support to help you handle various things that will come up i.e. illness, travelling, maintaining social time and naps, daylight savings, transitioning naps
  • 100% CONFIDENTIALITY DISCLAIMER AND AGREEMENT (if you are a celebrity or a private person and need things to be kept under wraps)
Lifestyle Elite
5 Day + 4 Night