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Sleep struggles don’t just affect your infant or toddler. They disrupt the entire family. WeeSleep is passionate about creating healthy, happy, and well rested families through the gift of sleep. Our approach includes tools, guidance, and one-on-one support that parents can immediately use to improve the sleep of their child, as well as everyone else in the home.

The WeeSleep™ approach places emphasis on accommodating different parenting styles, lifestyles, and living situations. By following our custom sleep plan designed specifically for the unique needs of your little one, we guarantee your child will sleep through the night in 10 days or less.

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Thanks for reaching out and working with us WeeSleep! Leo’s sleep habits are improving more and more every day, last night he slept 11 hours!!! This mama is feeling RESTED!!!!

Jillian Harris

Sleep training @mollymanno completely changed our lives. I believe with all of my heart that it was the best thing we ever did for her! She is a completely different baby now and so much happier! And us getting to sleep through the night is honestly just a huge bonus! I’m sharing what worked for us on the blog today. I really hope this helps other parents and babies out there get some much-needed sleep.

Ali Fedotowsky

I am just so proud, I get asked quite a bit about the sleep training program we used to get AJ from a boob-addicted co-sleeping stage-5 clinger to a happy + independent babe with a “see ya + goodnight!” ‘tude, sleeping a solid 12+ hours without effort! a m a z i n g. we now live in a totally different world. our nights aren’t dreaded. they are fun, exciting; thank you @weesleep Janey for changing our lives! i can’t share our story enough times.

Renee Maynard

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