My Wee Baby Boy is 1!

Well I must say I loved the holidays but am glad they are over!  It was our first Christmas with Chase and our first in our new home.  Despite not getting any snow which I SO adore (I know people, quit cursing me), it was very festive and lots of fun.  We had many family visits along with visits with wonderful friends.  December is a busy month in general but even more so in my family.  I have a birthday, my mom has a birthday, one of my nephews has a birthday and baby Chase was born December 29.

On December 29th Chase turned 1 year old!  It was such a big day for me filled with many mixed emotions.  I was happy, sad, excited, anxious and curious and just simply overwhelmed with it all.  A year ago I had this little being inside me and he was born so wee and so completely fragile (or at least I thought he was!) who week by week changed.  Little eyes brightened and started to focus, teeny little nails which I could barely clip are now ready for easy snips, tiny feet now fit into little shoes (Converse I might add!), all of a sudden one piece sleeper snaps started to bust open and onto the next size we went, thin fuzzy blonde hair turned into gorgeous golden white locks with a hint of wave, goo-ing turned into nananana and daddadada, smiles turned into giggles…..I could go on and on.  Every single day I am simply so thankful for my little Chase. Brian and I are so proud of him and so head over heels in love.  He simply warms my heart all day, every day.

What did we do to celebrate? Well, we had a party ofcourse! The theme was “Elephants” as Chases room theme is such and they are just so beautiful.  Elephants grazed banners, party hats, cupcake toppers, and signs and loot bags for kiddies contained animal crackers and the parents had peanuts in the shell- cuz ellies love peanuts ya know!  Lots of kiddies came with their parents and lots of fun was had.  Chase got to eat his first piece of cake and got into all the attention.

I know many moms can relate to the emotions that set in on baby’s 1st birthday. I was emotional but I handled it by being busy..I crafted, prepped and baked the days leading up and it filled my heart with joy.  I will never forget Chase’s 1st Birthday- it was perfect. He is perfect (ok, well he did bite me last week (ouch) but…).

Below is also a pic of our New Years Eve with our dear friends kiddies Carter and Presley. Party time in the tubby!


Have a wonderful 2012 everyone!