Must-Follow Sites for Parents

As parents, our heads are constantly filled with questions and concerns regarding our wee ones. From the moment that second line appeared and you thought “I wonder what kind of prenatal vitamin is best? Are probiotics safe to take while pregnant?” the questions and uncertainty have never ended.

From “When should my baby starts solids?” to “Is this rash normal?”, Moms and Dads are constantly turning to the Internet to forage for support, guidance and reassurance. But not all sites are created equal. So, whether you’re looking to connect with other moms, learn about trends in parenting or read up on your fave celeb parents, we’ve curated a list of go-to sites for the modern mother. Whether you need a pat on the pack, a laugh or a plan, these sites have your back.WEB-Janey-WeeSleep-Annawithlove Photography--33

Café Mom

A social networking sites just for moms, Café Mom boasts advice on topics like Parenting and Lifestyle, Entertainment and News. What makes it unique? The Community feature provides a safe, supportive space for Moms to vent, share and learn – all from the comfort of your own home.

Fave Feature: Keep It Real section showcases articles like “What Moms Feed Their Kids When They Don’t Feel Like Cooking” – all-too-real!


Fit Pregnancy, Parents and Family Fun are all titles related to this mother brand. This site is a beautiful blend of its child publications; preaching a holistic view of parenthood. Parents boasts quality content to get you through all stages of motherhood – from pre-conception to the teenaged years.

Fave Feature: Parent IRL features inspirational women and mothers who are rocking motherhood. Like these 10 beauties who reinvented their careers and the definition of “working-mother” – we here at WeeSleepTM can totally relate. Check out: 10 Moms Who Reinvented Their Careers—From Corporate to Family-Friendly.


Beauty, Style, Wellness and Entertainment sections ensure that us Moms are kept in the loop when it comes to the hottest trends and most-enticing celebrity news. Relatable content, such as “Carrie Underwood’s Bad Habit Is One Every Mom Can Relate To” will have you thinking “That is all too true.”

Fave Feature: The Now Trending section is constantly updated and ensures you’ll be up-to-date on the latest diet trend, celeb gossip and Kardashian drama.

Cool Mom Picks

This go-to online resource is guaranteed to inspire and invigorate your life and gift-giving. Hailed as arbitrators of “all that is new and cool for moms,” Cool Mom Picks has curated the perfect blend of specialized Gift Guides and Party Ideas to infuse your next function with all the funk and flare that it deserves.

Fave Feature: Specialized Gift Guides designed for every milestone party you’re bound to be invited to such as, Baby Shower Gift Guide.

Scary Mommy

Perfect for a mid-morning pick-me-up or an “OMG that is all too real!” moment, this site does exactly that – keeps it real. And sometimes real is scarily accurate. With a solid pulse on the pitfalls of parenthood, Scary Mommy’s got you covered. From confessionals to dad topics and original videos, this content will have you hitting “Share” on the regular.

Fave Feature: Video section features hilarious must-see footage such as “What Men Really Think After They Become a Parent.”

So, there you have it. The next time you sit down at your computer with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine looking for sage wisdom, recommendations or a good laugh, our Must-Follow Sites for Parents definitely has you covered.