Mom Of 4 Gets Her Zzzzzz’s

I recently had the pleasure of working with an amazing mom of 4 kids.  Not only does she have 4 beautiful boys, but a booming at home business  with a  WeePiggies and Paws franchise in Alberta and she has a hubby who is a coach and often away in the evenings.  When I spoke with Mori she was in desperate need of sleep help BUT what amazed me was she still had a fabulous sense of humour and a contagious smile that made me think “how the heck can this lady be so happy and positive still!?!?”.  As we had our Skype she juggled boys coming up to the computer saying hello or sneaking around giggling, we were able to get to the root of her sleep issues with Alex.  I had to share how Mori felt about her experience with me and how she values the gift of sleep!  Thank you Mori!  I still cannot even imagine juggling 4 boys, a business, a household- ALL WITH A SMILE!  Thank you for trusting me with Alex’s sleep!

“As a Mom to 4 fabulous young boys 6, 4, 2 & 7 months, I am told quite often
that by #4, I must have it all figured out! Well, not when it came to having
my youngest, Alex on a schedule.  Up until 10 days ago he ate every 2-3
hours around the clock!  Yes, even during the night!  This is definitely not
because he was famished, Alex is tipping the growth chart at 20+ pounds, but
rather because he was not on a regular schedule.
I needed help, for myself, my family and my sanity!
Now enters Ms. Janey Reilly, a Professional Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant with WeeSleep.
Janey was, in one on-line Skype consultation, able to develop a much needed
“baby routine” by putting together a sleep plan for Alex.  This plan not
only enabled a regular sleep pattern for Alex but also a daily routine.
Janey understood the importance of routine for Alex and for our family at
the same time, she understood that having 4 boys, a home-based business & a
husband that works crazy shifts makes it somewhat difficult to put a
regimented schedule in place.  We continued to ‘meet’ via Skype as Janey
worked with me on a plan that was best for not only Alex but also our whole
By night 3 of her plan, my little Alex slept through the night, with no
feeds and never woke until morning:)!
I strongly believe that implementing a daily schedule with babies at a young
age is one of the most positive things any parent can do for their baby!
The benefits speak for themselves, our whole family is happier and more
organized!  Thank you Janey Reilly for assisting me in finding the perfect
routine for my little Alex and for bringing much needed sleep into our home
once again!
Mori, Calgary, AB  “