Mom, Baby & Daycare

Today is Chase’s first 1/2 day on his own at daycare.  We decided that he is going to venture off to daycare just 2 days a week.  Socially it is good and Mom and Dad are busy and it’s just the way it is.  And hey, I believe I am very lucky be able to be home with him most of the time.  We chose a very reputable, yet very simple and homey daycare in an old country home.  Everything in it is “old school” but clean and the girls are lovely.  They work with a nutritionist for the menu, there is a fabulous HUGE yard with all sorts of play areas and it is tucked off a country street which I love.  This centre always wins awards and I have friends whose little ones go there so I am confident it is a great fit. But here is what is going through my head—What is Chase going to think of going to sleep with a bunch of other kids in plexiglass cribs all around him?  Will he be scared? Confused? Will he cry?  Will he hate me? Will the worlds best sleeper SLEEP?  Will the daycare girls freak him out?  Will he come home with a snotty nose every week?  Oh gosh….it is horrible!  I bought a white noise machine- that was my healthy sleep contribution.  Daycares blast CRAZY music and it is much too stimulating for babies.  Since the noise machine, babies have been having better sleeps!  That makes me happy.  I have faith in my Chase.  I am just nervous. When I left he was sitting on one of the girls laps while she read him a story…he was smiling and just adorable!   I quickly escaped to work at my Starbucks office so I wouldn’t show my tears and go home and cry all morning!

Do all moms have the same fears as me?  Does it get easier?  It must!  Maybe it is just mom being sad her little angel is growing up?

Any good daycare tips? Advice? Experiences to share?

Here is a little family photo spread….It cheers me up to see how lucky I am! (I tried cutting myself out but wordpress isn’t cooperating with me today!)