Meeting diaper bag must-haves: Oemi Baby’s Parkside for the win!

parkside_new__07978.1442586049.1280.1280Meeting with my sleepy mama clients, I see a LOT of diaper bags. And, it’s no secret that I have become a huge
fan of Oemi Baby since falling in love with my first bag of their collection. So, when a very good (and very pregnant!) friend recently asked me to tell her all of my must-haves when it comes to the perfect diaper bag, of course I couldn’t help gushing about Parkside, the newest Oemi Baby bag, which happens to meet every single one of my crucial criteria!

  1. It easily wipes clean (Because, let’s face it, as much as we want to put chic and classy first, our kids are really freaking messy): The Parkside is made from 100% leather, marrying style and practicality. The leather easily wipes clean
    and doesn’t show the stains and wear-and-tear of bags made of cloth.
  1. Comfortable: As moms, we know the importance of comfort when it comes to our diaper bags – we carry these things EVERYWHERE! They are our lifeline some days! The Parkside has a fantastic, wide, adjustable shoulder strap, making it super comfy and secure on your shoulder. The strap is also removable, for those moms who prefer a handbag-style tote.
  1. Durable: 100% leather = super durable! Also, the Parkside has an extra-wide, very durable zipper, to be able to handle the 100 times per day that you open theparkside_08__58285.1442508983.146.130 bag to retrieve your baby’s very essential items!
  1. Functionality: Making a list of all the things we moms carry in our diaper bags would require an entirely separate blog post, with space enough for everything from diapers to wipes, from hand-sanitizer to extra clothes, from lip gloss to phones! With two deep, exterior pockets, and 5 (yes, FIVE!) interior pockets, including one large, zippered diaper pocket, the Parkside has more than enough space for all your must-haves, and then some! The bag also includes a change pad that, when opened, allows you to put dirty clothes or extra diapers and wipes inside, for increased functionality. And, the protective metal feet on the bag’s bottom keep it from getting grimy in all the places you drag it (think coffee shop floors!).
  1. It is be-a-u-ti-fulparkside_12__03734.1442508984.1280.1280: From inside to out, this bag looks fabulous. From the classic colour and style of the exterior, to the beautifully-lined interior, this bag is a must-have for any mom who refuses to give up on chic sophistication amidst wiping cute little noses and changing adorable (but messy!) bums.

And, because of its perfect size and classic style, the Parkside is the perfect transitional diaper bag to not only be used for all stages of parenting, but also as your own handbag when you return to the office or are out for brunch with friends!