Our Top 8 Life Hacks for New Moms

There’s a lot to learn when you become a mom for the very first time. And while there are many wonderful books, classes, and videos out there teaching new moms everything they need to know when expecting their first child, any experienced mom will tell you that these resources often only focus on the big picture stuff.

But what about all the smaller details? You know, the little things that can help you stay happy and organized during the first few months with your new child?

Well, through our over a decade of work with thousands of new moms across the globe, we’ve compiled a whole list of random little life hacks. These aren’t necessarily groundbreaking, but they’re most certainly going to make your new life with baby a little bit easier. And with an infant in the house, anything you can do to make life easier is a must.

With that, let’s take a look at our top 8 life hacks for new moms:

1. Safely Warm Your Baby’s Crib