Want to turn a trusted
brand into your very own business
and make a real difference
in other people’s lives?
Want to turn a trusted brand into your very own business
and make a real difference in other people’s lives?
Train to be a WeeSleep Certified Sleep Consultant and earn a great income from home by helping tired families get the rest they need Want to turn a trusted
brand into your very own
business and make a real
difference in other
people’s lives?
Want to turn a trusted brand into your very own
business and make a real difference
in other people’s lives?

The WeeSleep Dream Team May Be Your Calling If…

  • You are PASSIONATE about infant & toddler sleep.
  • You are you searching for a PROVEN business that lets you choose your own hours, work from home and allows you some major family freedom.
  • You promote and have a passion for wellness and mental health.
  • You believe SLEEP is one of the keys to a healthy and happy child.
  • You want to be a part of a business with the BEST SLEEP CONSULTANCY BLUEPRINT.
  • You want your very own business coach to help you reach your goals.
  • You are enthusiastic, driven and entrepreneurial.
  • You are Social Media savvy.
  • You want to earn a stellar income while working from home.
  • You want to be part of a team of an already established, growing, dynamic and thriving business with the MOST CLIENTS MONTHLY.
  • You like working with a team but not being micromanaged.
  • You are a multi-tasker with a love for helping others.
  • You have a knack for guest speaking & networking.

And so much more!
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See what some of our newest Sleep Consultants have to say about the training program!

Why WeeSleep?

This is NOT your average Sleep Consultant training course where you walk away wondering what steps to take next, or how to get started and be successful. You will leave with a SOLID PLAN and easy to use work-flow systems built for success. In addition, you will receive ongoing business coaching, mentorship and entrepreneurial support.


Each WeeSleep™ Consultant is empowered by a dynamic business model that focuses on drastically improving the lives of families around the globe. And with a business coach by your side from day one, you’ll never have a question that goes unanswered, ensuring your business thrives!


By joining a company with an established brand and reputation, the hardest parts of launching a new business are already done for you. We’ve helped dozens of ambitious women launch a profitable WeeSleep consultancy, and will provide you with the exact program you need to mirror their success.


WeeSleep does not believe in micro-managing, meaning our Sleep Consultants are free to work as little or as much as they like, ensuring their career works in harmony with their duties and joys as a wife, mother, caretaker, and all the other incredible things they do.


We've been helping children (and therefore entire families) get the sleep they need since 2011. As such, we've built a solid reputation and with that, a huge client base. We're always expanding our markets and harnessing digital marketing mediums to keep the business growing!


Our team is comprised of highly-motivated, passionate individuals that are ready and willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work helping those around them.


Much like our clients’ sleep training programs, WeeSleep Consultants are provided with an actionable plan and toolkit that allows them to build a successful career they love. From workflow systems and efficiency tools, to ongoing business coaching, mentorship, and entrepreneurial support, consultants receive a robust framework from day one, and join a community of like-minded, supportive female entrepreneurs that are not just colleagues, but friends.

Start Earning Money Right Away!

Once you are trained and have passed your evaluation/mentorship period, it is up to you
to go out and find tired families (and trust me, there are plenty of them!). Together, we all share
in the success! And hey, we all have a great time doing it because there simply isn’t a
more rewarding career! You will also get:

  • Full business kit
  • Ongoing mentorship, coaching and industry training
  • Shared templates, logos, ALL business tools
  • One-one strategic business coaching
  • Exposure on a consultants page dedicated to the team
  • Tradeshow material design and files
  • All promotional materials
  • Monthly team training calls
  • Business coaching + entrepreneurial support
  • Prepared presentations
  • Efficient work-flow systems
  • Team support site

Train from home, on your schedule with our Virtual Intensive 4-Week Module Based Training


Feel you would be an incredible consultant to represent WeeSleep and help exhausted families
in your area and around the world? Apply for your dreamy new career now!


A Message from the Founder...

50% of all businesses fail within the first two years. Having built not one but two businesses that have overcome these odds, I am here to share my suggestions and secrets with you to ensure your business perseveres as well.

While anyone can learn to be a sleep consultant, learning how to run a successful business while helping families is much more difficult. As your personal business coach, I will show you everything you need to know to launch the business, career, and lifestyle of your dreams.

The Process

Ready to launch a career you can be proud of?
We’re training consultants worldwide, and we’d love to have you!

(15-20 MINS)


(30 MINS)




What Our Team Has To Say

I joined the team because WeeSleep changed my life as a new mom and I wanted to empower other women to be the kind of mothers they know they can be when they have a full nights sleep. Having a baby sleep through the night nurtures maternal health. So far, it’s been amazing coaching other families and seeing them grow into more confident and happy parents. What sets WeeSleep apart? It’s the team and the consultants. We have each other’s backs and we share knowledge and grow together. WeeSleep has given me something of my own that I do out of love.

Diana Martins

I joined WeeSleep after working with them as a client. Sleep training changed my life in more ways than I can ever explain. The way I parented. Who I was as a mom. I myself became more rested. I was calmer. Had more patience. My kids were happier. We were all getting sleep! My marriage got better! Just over all, the quality of life was better. This all happened because of sleep training, so I really wanted to help other families the way WeeSleep helped me.

Renée Maynard

Four years ago, I made the decision to become a WeeSleep Consultant and it has changed my life. Gone are the days of long hours commuting, getting home late, and hardly spending any time with my little guy! Now I have a job that allows me to spend more time with my family, work in an exciting and growing profession, AND impact my clients’ lives in a meaningful and positive way. Often within days of proper sleep, the families I support are seeing the benefits. A good night’s sleep gives children the energy they need to wake up each morning feeling happy, refreshed, and ready to learn. We are also all-around better parents when WE are rested – more patient, attentive, and loving (and this goes for any relationship we have, including that with our partners). It is such a great feeling to be able to give the gift of sleep to tired families! I feel very fortunate to work alongside a group of dedicated, smart, and passionate consultants who want to improve the lives of not only others but also their own families.

Cara Myre

I chose to join the WeeSleep Team because I am super passionate about children’s sleep. I hired Janey to help with my son’s sleep and it changed our lives. I wanted to share and teach other families the importance of healthy sleep and be part of their journey to a happy and well-rested family. My experience as a sleep consultant has been amazing! I have helped hundreds of tired families and it has been truly rewarding. WeeSleep is different from other businesses because we stand by our guarantee of sleep in 10 days or less. When you work with one of our consultants, you get a one-on-one relationship with your consultant plus the benefits of working with the entire WeeSleep team. Janey and the team are always there to help a consultant if we get a more difficult case.

Lisa Kvapil

Before I joined the WeeSleep team I was a client. I had an incredible consultant who was warm, understanding and helped me and my baby get the sleep we both desperately needed. WeeSleep saved my motherhood. After the life changing experience of being a WeeSleep client, I wanted to bring that same miracle of sleep to other families who were struggling the way I was. What sets WeeSleep apart? This is an amazing team of encouraging, supportive women who lift each other up. As a WeeSleep consultant I have flexibility and freedom I wouldn’t have in most other positions. I can be there for my child as well as my clients.

Mackenzie Mccaully

I had been looking for a change in career that allowed me to focus on spending more time with family, and I had been missing the “giving back” desire in my prior career. WeeSleep allows me flexibility gives me an opportunity to help moms during a time when they need it most. WeeSleep is a support system, it’s affordable, and it works! Parents are always shocked that we guarantee sleep.

Anne Del Valle

I chose to join the WeeSleep Dream Team because I’m passionate about helping young families in their sleep journeys and it’s a win-win with me being able to work flexibly and from home for the most part. Hiring a consultant with my eldest daughter made such a big difference to our lives, and knowing that I can help families in a similar way is so rewarding. Not to mention I have an amazing team of WeeSleep Sleep Sisters to share experiences with and draw knowledge from – I think our collaborative and customized approach is really what sets us apart!

Natalie Cavaco