Itchy Scratchy Skin Keeping Your Baby Up?

So many clients I work with have issues with their infants skin.  I hear often that they have eczema, red patches and irritation, dry spots and scaly areas.  I had issues with my son having rough areas on his arms and I tried everything from Eucerin to Arbonne to Olive Oil and nothing seemed to help.  As many of you who follow me, I work with various local medical professionals, businesses etc and I love promoting them.  I mean, why wouldn’t I?   Recently I have been introduced to a site and its amazing Bee Pollen products.  A local fellow gym gal and her hubby run this business and it is all made locally so I had to investigate.

I spoke with Angela and asked her what they have that is infant and child friendly and great for dry skin, psoriasis, eczema etc…so I could recommend a product for my clients who are struggling with their babies who are uncomfy due to skin issues.  Angela & Mark couldn’t say enough great things about their BEESWAX BODY CREAM…here is some info



All Natural and

Hand Made!

These skin creams are unscented and totally pure! For centuries Bee Products have been applied to soften skin, remove wrinkles and heal eczema and dermatitis.

These natural ingredients fortify and blend with the skin to protect from dehydration, inflammation and irritation. You’ll be amazed!

To this day only a couple of people know the recipe of this hand crafted moisturizer that continues to be carefully made in small, select batches. It remains a family treasure after helping thousands deal with dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and skin rashes.

The best part is that there are absolutely no chemicals, dyes, artificial fragrances or parabens. It is a completely natural skin cream and the main ingredient – beeswax, continues to be produced by the 1500 bee hives at the Dutchman’s Gold apiary.

I highly recommend you give this product a try.


I personally have recently started taking Bee Pollen granules as part of my daily routine and started using the So Ho Mish (I love the name!) Skincream in hopes of facial miracles!  I will keep you posted!  So far I love how soft and silky and non-greasy it is.  I used it the first night and by morning my skin was so silky and actually glowing a bit – unlike my usual drab, blotchy morning skin (YUK!) so as you can tell, I am excited about the honey, beeswax love and nourishment I am getting!



Bring on the buzz and the beautiful skin!