ipad In Bedtime Routine? Good idea or bad idea?

Many parents are turning to ipads to download books, kids games, movies and shows.  Ipads are a wonderful thing!  I love the apps available and the convenience of it!  However, the convenience also has a downside…..

I have had parents tell me they use the ipad as part of the bedtime routine with their child. They will let them watch a show, or play a game, or they will read their bedtime story from it.

Here is where the downside comes in….

The bluish light the screen emits can actually stop little ones from getting a good nights sleep.  The type of light mimics daylight which “convinces” the brain to some degree, that it is still daytime.  Blue light suppresses production of the brain chemical called melatonin, which helps us fall asleep.  Light that is more orange or red in tone does not suppress melatonin production, because our brain recognizes it as a cue the day is ending. I am thinking there is going to be some sort of screen overlay or new app which will change the tone of your ipad soon!

So before you start getting hooked on the convenience of the ipad for bedtime routine, my advice would be to use it after dinner and at least an hour before bedtime.  Make that the new  “norm” so you don’t have a child needing it for bedtime and kiboshing any or all healthy sleep habits.

And don’t forget to shut down for your own sleep health too!  (I am SO bad for this!)


Sleep well,