How To Transition Your Baby from Co-Sleeping & Finally Get Your Bed Back

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My son is finally sleeping in his own bed after our easy co-sleeping to bed transition we made over a 10 day period. He actually slept in his bed the first night we started to sleep train him and ever since then, it has been smooth sailing!

But I can’t take all the credit. I worked with Diana from WeeSleep and best decision I have ever made.

As new parents, we just found it really hard to part ways with Nate at night. I just wanted to cuddle him in our bed as much as possible before he didn’t want us to cuddle him!

Nate started off sleeping in a bassinet in our bedroom when he was born, and after two or three months, he started sleeping with us in our bed. He would nap during the day in his crib in his room. It worked for us because most nights he would sleep for 5-6 hours or more. But when the time changed happened in March, for some reason it triggered his sleep habits and he was waking up 2-3 time a night for a bottle.

I had been speaking with Diana for several months through Instagram and we finally decided just at 11 months old we should get the routine and program started. You can actually start sleep training you baby earlier or later, but we decided at 11 months was best for all of us.

Can I just say that the person you work with to help you sleep train your child makes a HUGE difference? I don’t think that I could have done this without Diana being as sweet, supportive and understanding as she was. Diana was able to walk us through a program suited for Nate and on his first night, he only woke up once. No bottle was given, but we went in, soothed him, and then he fell asleep until 6:30am the next morning.

Though the tips below are what helped us sleep train Nate to sleeping from 10-12 hours a night without any night feeds,  I strongly encourage you to work with a sleep consultant when your child is ready to be sleep trained. And for me, personality as mentioned earlier, is a must. Diana from WeeSleep really helped us through difficult time and I highly recommend her. I’m going to link her info at the end of this post.

Did I mention, we kicked the pacifier habit? Yup! Winning!

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