Hiring a Sleep Consultant… What are some things to look for?

You’ve finally made the decision to hire a sleep consultant to help your little one get the quality sleep they deserve. The next step is finding a sleep consultant that is willing to work closely with you and your baby to make it all happen, but you’re still feeling a bit anxious at this stage.

If you’re currently in this position, know that your feelings are completely valid and normal. Hiring a sleep consultant is a big step and often comes after a period of time where you’ve tried everything in the book to make things right.

So, you’re at the point where you’re searching for a sleep consultant, but how do you know if they’ll be a great fit for you? Below are some factors you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing a sleep consultant.

First, what is a sleep consultant?

A sleep consultant is someone who is willing to work with you and your child to help your child get the sleep they deserve. They fully understand the importance of sleep and how much of an impact it can have not only on your baby but on you as a parent and on your family. They are also passionate about helping families reclaim their time and quality rest.

They are there to educate you and help you determine the best methods that best cater to your situation, but most importantly, they are there to support you and guide you every step of the way so you can feel confident in yourself and with the end results.

Here are some factors to consider when hiring a sleep consultant:

Training and experience

Behind every great sleep consultant is one that has put in the time, effort, and training to grow into their best version of themselves in their role. When it comes to making an investment into a sleep consultant, credentials matter. Whether you have to do some research or ask the consultant themselves, make clear what kind of training they’ve had before and look into the credibility of their training.

Working with a sleep consultant is a big step and making sure that they are fully equipped with an extensive background of their role is one way to gain peace of mind, but also ensure that your investment will be worth it.


There’s no question that the way the world works has shifted immensely over the last couple of years. Flexibility is becoming more valued and cherished than ever before, and as a parent, flexibility is something we desire more than anything. A good sleep consultant will be able to adapt to your baby’s needs, but also your needs as a parent as well. When seeking a good sleep consultant or program for you, see what kinds of programs they offer and evaluate how well you think they can fit in with your daily life.

Strong Connection & Collaboration

Sleep training with a consultant takes a lot of collaboration. You’ll have to work closely with your sleep consultant to help them determine both you and your baby’s needs before they execute a proper plan to help you get the results you need.

We all know that everyone does things differently and with a sleep consultant, you want to feel at ease with their methods and practices just as they should be understanding of your feelings throughout the process as well. Connecting with your sleep consultant is key—after all, you are letting them into a very personal aspect of your life. You must feel at ease and willing to collaborate with them as they should with you.

References and testimonials

What does your sleep consultant’s track record look like? This is important to note and be aware of before investing in one. Just as you would before making a big purchase, you should look for any references, reviews, or testimonials of the consultant you are looking to hire. What are other parents saying about the consultant? Did they feel they had the proper support every step of the way during the process? Did they feel support even AFTER their time with the consultant? These are just a few questions that can better help inform your final decision.

Knowledge and confidence behind their craft

A good sleep consultant is one that stands behind their work and their craft. It takes confidence and knowledge to be able to guide and support a parent that they’ve never worked with before to help their baby get good quality sleep. As a parent, it’s easy to feel defeated or lose some confidence when sleep training your baby alone isn’t going as expected. A sleep consultant who exudes confidence is sometimes the very thing we need to feel as though everything is truly going to feel okay.

Making the decision to hire a sleep consultant for your child is a brave and bold step. You recognize that there is a need for yourself and your baby, and you’re taking the measures to resolve it. You should be proud!

Sometimes the idea of putting a lot of trust in someone other than yourself in a situation surrounding your baby is a scary thought. Consider thinking about the factors above when it comes time to hire a sleep consultant for your little one. Remember, things will work out and this decision is one that will bring you long-awaited peace, happiness, and rest.