Help! Reel Me In!

This new life after Chase and with our move to Ontario was supposed to get me on track for a little less chaos but in fact has done the exact opposite- especially right now.  With the business of WeeSleep and a toddler who climbs into every drawer (literally), consulting, business building, groceries, house cleaning, organizing, networking, cooking and creating fun and healthy toddler meals, being a present wife (I will get more into that later), I feel like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day no matter what I do and I am struggling with the tugging in all directions along with the personal pressure to exceed and succeed on every level!

I work day in and day out (ofcourse with many play breaks with Chase) on a tiny desk surrounded by a floor full of containers, calculators, toothbrushes, elephants, post-its, lids, ripped magazine, lamp shades, blocks, rubber ducky’s, sippy cups and cheerios (which are usually mushed into tiny piles of powder!)- oh and did I mention a little busy body stealing my mouse every 2 seconds, climbing on the ledge under my desk at my feet, stacking boxes and also trying to pull off every piece of paper on my desk at the same time and usually conking his head a few times.  Needless to say, things take a little longer to get done and before each nap we have a routine of going around the house and putting everything back into it’s place and then usually throwing a load of laundry in or transferring to the dryer.  You know the drill multi-tasking Mom’s!  I know I am not the only one…..

Times sure have changed and I sure do miss a good office chair!  I am on a wooden kitchen chair, which looks fabulous but kills my neck, butt and back which by the way, have not seen the gym in oh, quite some time…Hot Yoga has been my “escape” and soon the workout set up will be complete for home workouts. This will happen just as soon as I find a place to blow up my Bosu and Stability Ball, which were deflated by our smelly lovely movers.

Back to the purpose of this post….. I need to reel myself back in and stop being my triple A self and just breathe for a minute and realize that not everything has to be done right away.  People can wait a bit, I can walk at a pace that doesn’t leave burn marks on our hardwood, and stop for a minute or two….I need to shut down devices more often…well maybe everything but my ipad.  I am in love.

I need to devote more time to being in the moment – especially with Brian (my husband). I used to be able to say “I am not saving baby’s, I am selling wine” but now, I can say “I am saving babies and MOMMIES”.  This offers me such great reward and satisfaction. I meet the best moms and dads and many fabulous friendships have formed but I also can’t forget about my hugest supporter and fan along the way- Brian.  He supports me, guides me, cheers me on and loves me to bits and I am afraid I have not been the same back given I have been a mad woman on many levels. Ugh..I feel I am failing! Gulp.

My goal is to find the balance, which I seem to keep searching for and really put it into motion.  Any advice is much appreciated!