Green Snot & Daycare Drama

Our little guy goes to daycare twice a week so hubs and I can work and take care of all business things we can’t when Chase is with us. Having a toddler means being on your toes and having eyes on the back of your head 24/7.  When he first started going to daycare it was hard for me to leave him but he was always so happy playing away and getting all sorts of attention and making new friends and doing crafts I would never think to do at home so it made me feel so full of joy for him!  What I never thought of was how sick he would get and how often!  I am not exaggerating when I say that he has had everything from an almost constant runny nose to stomach flus to fevers, which in turn have been passed on to me, then to my hubby.  I have been sick more times the past 6 months than I have in the last 10 years.  No joke.  The daycare he goes to is spotless and the girls do an amazing job of cleaning and sanitizing all the time.  But the part that irks me is the fact that I look around and there are noses dripping with or crusted with pea green slimy viral snot everywhere.  Why the heck do parents send their kids to daycare that way?  It just infects all the others and the vicious cycle continues.  I get it that people have to work and get on with their days and that staying home with their child may not work, but I think it is so super selfish.  I have even heard parents drop off their child and say “he was so sick last night and getting a flu so watch his temp”…seriously? Errrrrrrrr.  There are many pros to daycare but certainly cons that come with.  I am just hoping Chase will have a super sonic immune system before he goes to big boy school (but that is not for years!!!! So I am not going to think about it…sniff sniff).  For now it is about a healthy diet, Vitamin D drops and Probiotics and that is really all I can do for him.  If anyone has more suggestions, please do share!  I hate having a sick little baby.  I had always heard that “they are constantly sick at daycare” but I had no idea it would be ongoing.  Our house and cars our stocked with antibac cleanser and wipes, Kleenex and baby Vick’s.  Thanks for listening to my rant!