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Get Smart with Summer Sleep

Longer days can mean shorter nights, but that doesn’t mean that your wee one needs any less shut eye than during the winter seasons.

In fact, days filled with fresh air and fun-filled activities can often mean your kids are craving more rest and downtime than ever before (even if they don’t seem like it!). Between summer camps and playdates, summer has got to be most moms busiest season. And while we want to make the most of every single sunny day (and so do our babes!) that can’t come at the expense of our wee one’s sleep.


So, how’s a mom to cram it all in?

  1. Make sleep a priority. It can be hard to schedule around nap times and sleep ins, especially if your littles ones are quite little! But trying to plan activities when your kids typically have their naps (or longest nap) is a recipe for disaster – and a whole lot of crankiness!
  1. Planning to hit the road? Summer is a great season for hitting the highway and taking the family sightseeing. A great way to do this (and avoid screaming in the car) is to leave for your destination when the kiddos would typically be sleeping. They’ll stay somewhat on schedule and get the rest they need to make arriving at your destination enjoyable!
  1. Nap alfresco. While you may have spent a fortune on your crib, and no doubt that is the best place for babes to sleep, the occasional nap-on-the-go is a great way to get out without the grump. Play pens are great for younger kids who nap frequently. If you’re looking for something a little roomier, play yards and pop ‘n’ plays are a great way to keep the kids contained and safe while you go about your activities.

We all know that our children are happiest when they are fed, well-rested and entertained. Summer is full of delicious treats, picnics and barbecues and without a doubt the entertainment of beaches, parks and activities are endless. But don’t try to squeeze so much into your days that you tucker the tots out. Balance – as always – is an art, and sometimes a struggle. But at the end of the day you’ll all be happier once you get smart with summer sleep.

Dreamy Details to Keep in Mind:

  • Babies will tell you when they are cold, but might not when they’re hot. Summer temperatures can soar, and if your babe is overdressed or contained in a car seat or stroller with little ventilation, overheating is a serious concern. Keep an eye out for sweating, flushness in the cheeks and fussiness. These are signs that your babe may be a little too toasty. You are your baby’s thermometer. The rule of thumb is that a baby should be wearing what you wear plus a light layer. So, if you’re in shorts and a t-shirt, your baby will likely be comfortable is a short-sleeved onesie.
  • Think in layers. While it might be 30 degrees outside, we live in a world rampant with air conditioning (thank god!) and it’s important that your little one’s temperature be kept comfortable and consistent. Light blankets made of breathable material are a mom’s (and baby’s) best friend.
  • While sleeping, you want your kid’s skin to feel comfortable and maybe even a little cool to the touch – but definitely not cold or warm or sweaty! Keep an eye on your little one until you figure out the blanket/bundle balance that works for your home and wee one.

For more tips on how to make your baby safe and comfortable during the summer season check out the Parent’s article “Making Your Baby Comfortable in the Summer Heat.”