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Fresh-Air Fix-It For Moms & Tots

Nothing blurs together the borders of day and night quite like welcoming home a newborn baby or getting up multiple times with your babe. You used to greet the morning with a smile, opening the curtains with a flourish, ready to take on the day, but it’s been quite a while since you’ve felt that way.

With a sore “mommy back,” hunched shoulders and massive tension in your shoulders, it can be hard to remember the active, more limber person you once were. When you finally collapse into bed at night it takes 20 minutes to get comfortable because every inch of your body is stiff — even the glass of wine (or two) you downed with dinner were futile in loosening up the rock-hard muscles you now call your back.

Fresh-AIr Fix-It ImageOur wee ones respond much the same. If your babe is struggling to sleep, one easy step in the right direction is to get him or her outside. Lace up your runners, whip out the stroller and head out for a stroll. It doesn’t matter if it’s for 15 or 45 minutes, the sunlight and fresh air will help your child learn to distinguish day from night and awake time from sleep time.

Finding yourself ready for something a bit more fitness-focused? Outdoor stroller bootcamps have become incredibly popular in most communities. The opportunity to meet other fantastic moms and enjoy the great outdoors, all while getting your sweat on and setting a phenomenal example of self-care for your young one…who could say no?

Into yoga before you welcomed your wee one but not sure when you’ll be able to find a sitter? Fear not! Some yoga studios offer baby-friendly classes (non-hot of course!) where you welcome your baby onto your mat and incorporate them into your practice (even if they just lie in savasana!). And don’t forget, the internet is chock full of at-home videos suited to your every need and fitness level. Fitness Blender is a great source for free videos of varying length and difficulties.

Sleeping soundly is not just about what you do at night, but how you choose to spend your days. Help yourself get your best sleep with some fresh-air fitness and fix-its.