Dreaming Of Sleep?

Hey there!  Before you get reading I wanted to be sure to let you know that my blog isn’t going to be all about sleep.  Don’t get me wrong, there will be plenty of amazing information, tips and tricks and fabulous info but I also plan on sharing much more with you!  There will be a mix of everything moms really need to know about ;-)…..healthy cooking, finding time for you, fitness and exercise, wine (because, hey, lets be honest…..it is one of lifes luxuries!), activities for you and your little one, activities for you and your hubby and shopping finds online, and really, anything momtastic!  So be sure to check back- I promise not to disappoint!

But I am starting with sleep—afterall, I am kicking goff a baby sleep revolution!  Join in on the fun!

The effects of sleep deprivation are so not worth it- life is simply too short and so is your time with your little one being, well, “wee” for a short period of time!

I chose to make my 1st post about sleep deprivation because I have not only been there, but I know tons of moms who have been there or are there and although we run high on adrenaline and we all have “super-mom” in us, it just is not physically possible to maintain “super-mom” mode and truly be SUPER.

Being a mom is truly the most extraordinary gift in the world.  No words can explain it so I won’t even go there…  But what I will say is that above all, I think it is a PRIORITY to remain true to ourselves and to not lose the things that are important to us because we have a child; rather, instead of brushing aside the things that are a big part of you and incorporate those things and make life all that more amazing!  When I say that I mean- if you love cooking, make time to cook!  If you love to exercise- work it in your schedule!  If you like quiet night time reading while soaking in a hot bath- then soak away!

I have a feeling some moms may be reading this and thinking “ya, right….a life?  I have a baby!  Are you crazy lady?!?!!?” Or  “I barely have time to have a shower and make a trip to the grocery store.”

While I can totally appreciate priorities change and schedules shift, I have to say that there is always a way to figure a plan out.  Especially if your child is on a routine and is a good solid sleeper!

Did you know that as a sleep deprived mom or dad:

–       Waking becomes very hard

–       Feelings of grogginess linger all day long

–       You are unable to concentrate

–       Nodding off at work is common

–       Mood problems can become an issue (irritability, depression, anxiety)

When you apply these symptoms to everyday life, you can see the serious effects of sleep deprivation. The working parent may find himself snapping at co-workers, struggling to stay awake during meetings and performing at less than optimum levels. A mother may find herself nodding off while feeding baby or breaking down into tears for no apparent reason. The stress felt by parents can affect their relationship with each other and with their children.

And, if you haven’t already figured out where I am going with this…..Sleep deprived parents exist typically because their baby’s don’t sleep. 

Of course, how to get more sleep is the 1 million dollar question. You know, the answer is actually really easy.  Help your child become an independent sleeper.  Honor their sleep and your own.

Invest in your child’s sleep and your sleep- you simply cannot lose! 

No room in the budget?

How about buying a tall regular coffee everyday instead of the quadruple shot, vanilla, caramel mochachino?  Trust me, with all the sleep you will be getting you wont need the extra caffeine or sugar buzz to get you through your day!  I promise!  My point is….how much is your child’s sleep and your sanity worth?

Book your complimentary 15 minute consultation (usually longer because I just can’t stop talking!) and I can offer you some suggestions to help your little one become a dreamy sleeper and superstar napper.  email me

Above all, despite the difficulties, and with whatever you choose to do, try to cherish this time. You’ll be amazed how quickly it passes!

(FYI- This is me and my little guy on our family vacation.  After 13 hours of sleep last night for Chase and a date night for mom and dad, I say “Order up another Corona! Ariba!”)